YouTube users from India can watch videos in 1080p once again if connected to Wi-Fi network

YouTube mobile can now stream 1080p videos in India

It’s time to connect to the Wi-Fi network so that you can play videos in 1080p from YouTube.

What that you must know

  • After the month of March, YouTube was not streaming videos above than 480p in India in order to save bandwidth during the lockdown.
  • It’s again that the YouTube has brought the 1080p video option in the mobile app in India.
  • But those who are using YouTube using their mobile data are still stuck on 480p and hence you need to connect to Wi-Fi to watch the videos from YouTube in 1080p.

Back in March, following a large uptick in demand on account of the stay-at-home orders ensuing from the pandemic situation, YouTube, in addition to many different web companies, determined to take precautionary measures to cut back the pressure on their infrastructure. In the case of YouTube case, it has changed the default highest quality videos to 480p all over the world.

Indian customers, nevertheless, have been met with much more stringent measures. Whereas in different international locations might select to alter the video high quality to a better setting, in India, all settings above 480p have been disabled fully. Now, Indian users of YouTube have began seeing the choice to watch videos in 1080p as soon as once more.

The change is seemingly nonetheless not stay nationwide, nevertheless, so it will appear that Google is barely steadily making higher-quality videos obtainable once more. Moreover, solely customers on a Wi-Fi network can have entry to increased high quality videos; these on mobile data are nonetheless stuck at 480p, presumably in a bid to forestall mobile carriers’ methods from changing into too congested. And as earlier than, the default high quality continues to be 480p.