WhatsApp Web: All You Need to Know to Use WhatsApp on PC/Laptop

The complete guide with some tricks to use WhatsApp Web on your PC.

What is WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is the web version of WhatsApp available for the user to use it on any browser using their Smartphone or even PC and laptops.

We all are using WhatsApp on our mobile phones in app format but this web version provides some flexibility to use it on your pc.

You can simply go to the website and connect it with your phone and use it without any problem.

How to use WhatsApp Web on your PC

The process of connecting your phone with WhatsApp on PC is very simple. Just follow the steps below.

  • Open the official WhatsApp Web on your PC or Laptop in any browser.
  • This page contains a QR code which you need to scan through your phone.
  • Now open the WhatsApp on your phone and tap Menu>WhatsApp Web. It will open a QR code reader to scan the code available on the PC screen.
  • Once you scan the code, all your chats and conversion will be available to use on your PC as long as your phone is connected with the PC.

What you can do with Whatsapp Web

WhatsApp Web: All You Need to Know to Use WhatsApp on PC/Laptop

When you want to have a long conversation with someone or with your client, it is somehow very tedious to type with your smartphone. Whatsapp web, as you can open it with your pc, provides you the flexibility to use the keyboard which will be simpler to use for long conversation.

When you have some files on your PC or laptop that you want to send to your friends or client, then it will be easier to send them while you use WhatsApp on it rather than transferring them to mobile phone and then send through WhatsApp.

As we know there is a little decline in the quality of the image when sent through WhatsApp on your phone. Here is a trick that you can send an image without losing its quality. While you attach the image on WhatsApp web choose the type as Document and select the image and send it. You can’t do this on your phone.

You can have all the features of chatting with contacts, creating groups, sending images, documents, videos, seeing WhatsApp status of other contacts, getting contact info on Whatsapp web.

You can mute the conversation and also get the desktop notification for a chat.

You can connect more than one computer to your phone and remotely disconnect them from your phone.

Whatsapp web shows the battery status of the phone connected to it. When the battery is low, it will show on the top of the contact list.

What you can’t do with WhatsApp Web

Though the web version provides more flexibility for a longer conversation, there is something that you can’t do here on your PC or laptop that you could do on your app version on the phone.

You can’t make Whatsapp voice or WhatsApp video calls from your pc while using WhatsApp web.

The settings available in the WhatsApp Web is quite limited. You can’t have the settings of Account section like Privacy, security, requesting account info etc.

You can’t change the number or delete the account.

Chat back up and restoring option is not available in WhatsApp Web.

You can’t create your own WhatsApp status in this web version.

What are the New features in Whatsapp web

With Picture in picture option, you can play videos in a small player which you can drag and drop anywhere while you chat with other contacts. This is a new update from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Web: All You Need to Know to Use WhatsApp on PC/Laptop

Whatsapp web also has the feature of end to end encryption of chat and conversation as you can find it in the app version.

Can you use multiple accounts of WhatsApp web in a single browser?

As we know, that when you log in to your WhatsApp account through scanning QR code from your phone, you will always be redirected to the same account whenever you open WhatsApp Web.

After you log out, you can use another account. but is there any way out that you can use the different account simultaneously?

The answer is Yes. You can.

Open the incognito mode of the browser and follow the process of opening WhatsApp account on WhatsApp web for another account.

whatsapp web use on laptop or pc

How to log out from Whatsapp web

You can log out from the account on the browser in two ways. You can do it on your PC or laptop and from your phone.

From PC or Laptop

Above the contact list, you will have the menu from you can choose the logout option as shown in the picture below.

whatsapp web use on laptop or pc

From your Phone

To log out from the phone, tap menu>WhatsApp Web. You will have the list of all the computers connected with your phone.

You can choose to log out from all devices or choose the one from which you want to log out.

Just tap on the device and tap log out.


Most of us prefer to use the messaging app like WhatsApp to use it on the phone, but when it comes to some other extent of use like a longer conversation or public conversation where you need a bigger screen and a keyboard, then using WhatsApp web is a wiser choice.