Are you getting WhatsApp Gold Hoax message?

whatsapp gold hoax
Whatsapp gold hoax message is now getting popular and is surely a hoax to ignore. please read the article below carefully to know about it.
Recently WhatsApp users reported having received WhatsApp Gold message in their WhatsApp. They are getting this message and in the message, it has been said that WhatsApp Gold is the updated version of the app. it should be noted that WhatsApp Gold is a hoax and should be strictly avoided by users.
The message that is being circulated through the app is creating panic among users. In the message, it is also being told that a video regarding the updates of WhatsApp will soon be sent. This WhatsApp Gold is claiming to be packed with features like sending 100 photos to users at once and deleting sent messages at any time which are not available in the original version of WhatsApp.
Since nothing new like WhatsApp Gold is announced by WhatsApp, users should ignore this and for better security, there is something important that users should pay attention to if they are getting such type of messages.

What you need to do if you are getting this WhatsApp Gold hoax message 

Update app from legit source

WhatsApp gives its all official updates only on legit sources like app store or play store. For Android users it allows users to install updates from google play store and for iPhone users, it gives the updates on the apple app store. Any update that is from outside source except these should be avoided. Updates from other sources may contain malware that can affect your phones adversely. So, always get the updates of WhatsApp from legit sources.

Report spam message to WhatsApp

if you are getting spam messages and suspicious forwarded messages from unknown persons or sources, then you can always report it to WhatsApp and getting help from them. You should have the screenshots of messages for proof and send it to WhatsApp. You can do this by going to setting, then help and support and then contact us.

Check the label “forwarded”

As we all know that forwarded messages are the gateway to spam and malware. Spam messages are forwarded easily to many numbers at a time. But thanks to WhatsApp feature like limiting the number of contacts to send forwarded messages and getting a label forwarded when someone is forwarding the message. This is how if you get any forwarded suspicious message then you can ignore and avoid it.

Block suspicious users

You can always block suspicious users when you recognize them from unknown numbers who are spamming you. By blocking, you prevent them from sending a message and seeing your profile picture on WhatsApp. You can do this by going to the particular chat that you want to block and clicking the three dotted menu. Then go to more and then Block.

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