WhatsApp Business Account – What are Extra Features???

WhatsApp Business Account

Make your Business Conversation more professional with Whatsapp business account.

WhatsApp is one of the most popularly used free messaging apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and others. It also comes in Windows version for Windows desktop and tablet.

The simplicity and smooth performance of Whatsapp made it worldwide popular and made a huge competition for other messaging apps to stand against it.

Whatsapp has recently come up with another new version of this app named WhatsApp Business mainly targeted for Business profiles so that they can have some extra features over the original and regular Whatsapp app.

Here we’ll explore some of the new things that you’ll get in WhatsApp Business account.

Let’s Start with WhatsApp Business

To begin with Whatsapp business, you have to download and install it from the Play store. Open the Play store and search for Whatsapp Business and Install the app.

As it gets installed on your phone, open and set up it for the first time by giving the mobile phone number. The welcome screen looks like the picture below. Tap on Agree and continue to go ahead.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Now, choose your country and provide the mobile number and tap on Next. In the next step, your mobile number will be automatically verified if the sim card is on your phone. Otherwise, enter the 6-digit OTP sent to the mobile number you have provided.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

After the mobile number verification is completed, it will show you the option to restore any previous chat backup from Google drive. If you need it, then go ahead with the restore process. Tap on Continue to restore otherwise tap Not Now.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Now, your Whatsapp Business account is ready to create your Business profile.

The first screen will show you the option to set the name and type of business you are holding. Provide your name, photo, and type of your Business. It has shown in the picture below. Click on Next to move further.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Before you start your conversation using WhatsApp Business, you need to do some business profile editing work. There is an option on the top of the chat to Describe your Business. Tap on it to edit.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Here you can set the Business location, Business type, and description. You can also set Business hours i.e. Open for selected hours, Always Open or By appointment only. Set as per your business profile.

There are other options like Email and Website of your business that you can provide for better reach of your business to your client.

Features you’ll get in Whatsapp business account

The user experience of conversation for both the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp business is the same but you will get some of the convenient features that will improve your chatting experience in WhatsApp business.

See the statistics of your conversation

While original WhatsApp doesn’t give the statistics of your conversation, WhatsApp business will give you the full statistics of chatting over the time you have used the app. It will show you the number of messages sent, delivered, read and received.

To see the statistics, Tap on Three dots menu>Settings>Business Settings>Statistics.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Short link to you reachable for client

This is another great feature included in WhatsApp business which makes you and your business more reachable to your client through a short link. You can actually create a short link and share it on your website or any other platform so that clients can approach your by directly message your through the URL and they can start a conversation with you through WhatsApp.

To see the short link and share, tap on three-dot menu>Settings>Business Settings>Short Link

The short link has already been created. You just have to copy and share it where you want.

You can also set the default message that the client can send you whenever he opens the short link and wants to interested in your product.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Send Away Message when unreachable

Whenever you are away or unreachable, you can set a default message to keep your client stay tuned with you and your business by getting a response from your side.

You can set a brief response that will be automatically sent to them whey you are away or unreachable.

To set up Away Message, Tap on three-dot menu>Settings>Business Settings>Away Message

Here Turn on the Send Away Message option to edit to message you want to be sent. You can also schedule the message to be sent i.e. Always send, custom schedule, and outside the business hours.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Greet your client after their arrival

You can set the greeting message to be sent when the client was inactive for the last 14 days and when they come up to get in touch with you.

You can customize the greeting message by turning on this feature in WhatsApp business account.

To set greeting message, tap on three-dot menu>Settings>Business Settings>Greeting Message

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

Set Labels to your customers

There may be many types of customer for your business like New customers, Important customers, New orders, Pending payment from customers, Completed order customers, etc.

It may be a huge task for you to remember those customers by just memorizing their name and recognizing the faces. Hence WhatsApp Business account provides you a beautiful feature for your business to set labels to your customers according to their status and relevance with your business.

To set the label to any customer, tap on the customer>three dot menu>Label Chat>Set the Label

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

You can also create New labels of your need for the business.

To access the labeled customer, come back to the home screen of chat list>three dot Menu>Labels>Select the label, and you will get the customer according to the given label.

WhatsApp Business Account - What are Extra Features???

The above are some of the new features added in WhatsApp business account that will definitely help in improving your conversation experience with your client, customers, and friends.

There may be other features included in this new version of WhatsApp. If you have found something like that, then you can express that in the comment section below. We’ll be glad to know that.

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