15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

I hope Google chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. And it becomes more exciting to use with its useful Google chrome extensions.

Chrome extensions are web applications which are developed for the use in your browser for different functions and they can be downloaded and installed from the chrome web store.

Though more installation of google chrome extensions can slow down the browser yet you can use which are trusted and actually give you the value of your installation.

It can add more functionality to the web browser with its exciting and more useful features.

In this article, I will be listing 15 most useful Google Chrome extensions that you would love to install and use them in your browser.

1. Google Translate

As the name signifies, this extension is used in translation purpose in your browser.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

when you open a web page and the language is not of your knowledge, then you can just translate it to English or your desired language when installing google translate.

When installed google translate chrome extension on your browser you can translate any text from any language to any other language in the world.

with the new updated version, the translation has become even more simplified. just select or highlight any text and right-click on it, and you will have the Google Translate option.

Using this web app, you can actually learn other languages if you are interested in learning different languages.

2. LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is a simple and brilliant way to save our account information i.e. username and password for different accounts.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Most of us have accounts on a various social media platform and in other sites with different username and passwords.

Though some of us have the same username and password for every account, that’s not a good habit. we should have different username and password for a different account for security purpose.

But it becomes very tedious to remember all those account information and we somehow need a note to save all those usernames and passwords.

LastPass gives the functionality of having a master password for all your accounts i.e. you can log in to an account with a single password and no need to remember other passwords.

you need to save all your account username and password in LastPass after installing the extension in your browser.

3. Momentum

When you open a new tab, you see the same stereotype page having some recent activity bookmarked pages and nothing more.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

With Momentum chrome extension, you can make the new tab and exciting way to be productive.

After you added momentum to your browser, it starts showing the time with the random background of different locations around the world.

You will have the links to different bookmarks and apps on chrome on the top left corner and on the right top corner, location with temperature is shown.

You can experiment with different options available in Momentum.

4. Block Site: Website Blocker for chrome

It is a chrome extension used to block websites that you don’t want to visit.

Just list the website that you or anyone using your system don’t want to use, and it will block those websites even if someone tries to open.

It also contains some advanced features like, when you have saved some website list in Block site and someone tries to visit that website in incognito mode, it will block that website.

you can also protect your browser and computer from the malicious website by giving a list of the keyword to this extension.

Whenever someone searches those keywords in any search engine like Google or Bing, the results are also blocked. But be sure, you wisely choose the keywords in order to target those specific and desired websites.

5. Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly is my favorite spelling and grammar checker whenever I start writing any blog content.

It shows spelling errors according to the context also i.e. it understands the particular use of the word depending upon the context.

After you add this chrome extension to your browser, it will show any typed spelling errors with a red underline, irrespective of any platform where you are working.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

It will make sure all your messages, documents, and social media posts are error-free and grammatically correct.

This app also has the feature of integration with Microsoft Office i.e. you can also use Grammarly with MS Office besides its own spell and Grammar Checker.

Using Grammarly, you can actually make your work more credible, error-free and worthy of reading.

6. Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail adds more functionality to the basic Gmail. you will get more advanced features like Push notifications, Voice notifications, Monitoring any email with custom labels, getting alerts of new mail even when chrome is closed, Offline view, and desktop notifications, etc.

As I have already told that using this chrome extension you will get desktop notification of any new email without even opening google chrome.

You can set different sound effects for any new email.

You will also have easy access to multiple accounts and manage them easily.

7. EverNote Web Clipper

You found something useful on the internet and want to save it in an effective way so that you can access it whenever you want even if you are offline. One of the best ways to do is to use EverNote Web Clipper.

Using this Chrome extension you can clip anything found on any website and access it anywhere on any device you have. Isn’t it cool?

Everything you save using this extension is saved in EverNote account so that you can access them in other devices also.

Some of the exciting features of Evernote Web clipper are Saving any article or web page, Clipping to a specific notebook or tag, Highlighting the key text in the saved website, using visual callouts to draw attention, Clipping entire page or a selection, and many more.

8. One Tab

It usually happens when you are reading some article and you found another useful link and open it in a new tab. you repeat this process and ultimately end up opening too many tabs.

This results in slow down of the browser because when more tabs are opened, more memory is used.

But One Tab comes with the solution to this specific problem.

whenever you have opened too many tabs in your chrome browser, just click on One tab extension, and this will club together all the tabs into one tab containing the list of all tabs.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

If want to restore them, you can do that either individually or at once.

One Tab boasts of saving 95% of memory and reducing tab clutter.

9. Alexa Traffic Rank

This chrome extension provides information regarding the traffic rank of any website which you have opened.

once you click the extension button on the chrome, it will show you the overall ranking or global ranking of the website including the ranking in the native country.

It also shows information regarding no. of links referring to that particular website, and its competitor based on the similar traffic pattern.

If you are building your new blog or website and want to have the overall performance, then you can install this chrome extension see the traffic rank.

10. Loom: Video Recorder

It is a video recording google chrome extension using which you can record the screen as well as you face using a webcam.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

This video recording extension is very much useful if you are going to record a tutorial video where you are required to record both the screen where you are demonstrating something and you want your visitor to see you in order to increase the viewer engagement.

It also supports other features like recording the only screen and recording only webcam. You can use them depending upon your need.

After you have recorded, you will have shareable URL and Embed URL to put it in your desired website.

The loom is one of the google chrome extensions that you can use it inside the browser, but if you want to record the screen of your computer, we have listed Best Screen Recording Software that you can check it out.

11. OneNote Web Clipper

Like EverNote web clipper, it is also a web clipping chrome extension to save content for accessing later.

You have to have Microsoft account in order to start clipping using this web clipper.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

After you save an article to OneNote, you will have the access offline also.

You can save the full page, Selected region, Article and even make a bookmark of the opened page. Before clipping, OneNote gives the option to choose the Notebook in which you are going to save the clip.

You can highlight, adjust the fonts, select the region of the article before you clip it to the OneNote Web Clipper.

You can clip article containing text, images, videos, and PDF, etc. All the clips can be found in your OneNote account.

12. Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

Todoist is more than just a to-do list. You can manage all your work with this chrome extension which will boost your productivity.

Whatever you have added, completed and re-scheduled tasks, you can manage all those with any devices like phone, tablet, desktop using Todoist. It works offline also.

It has the feature of 24/7 synchronization of your to-do list with all your devices and you will never miss anything important.

Other features include saving a website as a task, saving the article for later reference, Saving e-commerce websites for better product ideas, and saving other useful resources and information for future reference.

13. Pinterest Save Button

This chrome extension lets you save any images containing various information regarding recipe, infographics etc to your Pinterest pins.

After you install the extension to your chrome browser you can simply save any photo by opening any website and just clicking on the Pinterest button.

As you click on the extension icon, it will show you all the available images on that website, and you can choose from them and save it to your desired board on Pinterest.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

14. HotSpot Shield

If you want to surf blocked website, then you can add this chrome extension to visit those websites.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

It also comes with other features like Ad blocking, tracker blocking, cookies blocking and malware protection.

Using this extension, you can hide your IP for safety and security.

15. Price Tracker

Price tracker allows you to track the latest update in the price and new launch of the new product on the various e-commerce website.

You can use the auto-buy option for products on flash sale.

15 Useful Google Chrome Extensions

You also set the auto payment selection for Flipkart and other shopping websites.

When the price drops for a particular product, you will be notified through SMS, email or chrome notification.

Your shopping life will be easier with this google chrome extension.


I hope you like this article of 15 useful Google Chrome Extensions that you would add to your chrome and use them.

There are other Chrome extensions that might be more useful depending upon the need of the user.

If you find such useful extensions, then let us know in the comment box. We all will get benefit from that.