Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

You may have heard the phrase, “Health is wealth”. Being healthy and working out everyday is a simultaneous process which goes parallel daily. Your goal may be to become slim, bulk up or you just want to feel healthier, exercising is a good habit which keeps up your body, mind and intellectual, all in shape.

But, are you seeking for guide to track your working out? Here I have came out with some of the fitness app with various features that you can use in your smart phone to keep track and also learn about your working out.

Let’s dig into the article and find out some of the Fantastic Fitness apps that you can use during workout. All the apps that are described below are like your personal trainer in your packet.  They include different training plans for your body parts.

Freeletics Training Coach – Bodyweight and mindset

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

With a 4.1 rating, and 10M+ downloads, this Freeletics Traning coach app one of the Editor’s choice personal training app that you can use for your workout. You may be working out at any time, anywhere, this app will be your digital persona trainer.

With this app, you may lose weight, gain muscle and get fit – of course you may not want to go to gym. This app includes short, guided workouts to help you achieve your goal of becoming healthy, whatever be your fitness level.

You will be working at your own pace with this app and no need to over burden, as it provides short guide that keep you working out as well as taking rest.

The app also comes, as obvious, with some of the premium features like customized coaching which, if you avail, will generate a training plan specifically for you and your personal focus.

You can schedule, personalize your workout plan depending upon your fitness level which may cover your bodyweight, running and gym training.

Another feature termed as “Quick Adapt” will generate a new Coach day that adapts to you Noexcuses.

Unlike other fitness apps, you have the option of Audio coaching which will definitely improve the mindfulness involved in the workout. As a result, the workout will be very much beneficial for your mind and body to develop new mental and physical training skills.

As daily workout needs a strong mindset, motivation there are variety of courses that may help you to keep you on the track for your better health. It will also let you learn how to manage stress and improve your focus and recovery so you can create powerful habits to become the best version of yourself.

How to use Freeletics Training Coach

As you download, install and open the in your phone, it welcome you with its video welcome screen where it motivates you unleash your inner athlete. You can just tap on “Start Now” if you want to create a new account and start using the app. If you already have an account, then you can just tap on “Log in” button to get started.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

If you are new to this app, then after tapping on “Start Now”, you will be prompted to Register yourself for this app. You can choose from different options like Register with Facebook, Google or Register with Email. Choose your preferred option and register yourself.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

After you are register, choose your gender.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

Now, set your top 3 goals that you want to achieve while using this app.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

The next step, you need to choose your fitness level. Here there comes a slide which let you know your fitness level by giving you examples like “When I sit on the floor I have trouble standing up”, “I exercise regularaly – at least twice a week”, and “Oh, trust me, I’m really fit”. Depending upon your belief, just set the slider and tap on Next.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

Now, select the type of workout you want to do like Using bodyweight, by running, or with barbell and weights. You can select as many options as you want and depending upon this, you will get a plan that fits your preferences.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

Some more information to give here like Date of birth, weight, and height. Provide the information and tap on Next.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

As you give all the above information, now the main screen of the app is ready to start. Here you can Create Coach Plan. You can see my app main screen where I will select the Create Coach Plan option.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

After selecting the Create coach plan, you will get the required type of exercised you need to do for your goal. As you can see I have got Hybrid Running for 12 weeks which is beneficial for Cardio and Muscle, 12 weeks Strength and stamina, 12 weeks Run Faster, and 12 weeks Shred and Burn.

As you tap on each of the types of workout, you can actually see the time required per session of workout, and the results you will get by sticking to those workouts regularly for the prescribed amount of time.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

You can, of course, personalize the plan by choosing the premium feature and buy the features like the following.

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

To get started with this app while you work out, you can download and install it from below.

Strava Tracker: Record running, cycling & swimming

Top 4 Fantastic Fitness Apps that you can use to Work out

If you are more active in cycling, running or swimming and need a tracker that will track your activity during workout, then Strava Tracker will definitely be your first choice.

With this app, you can record your activity, map your favourite bike trail or run and analyse your training with all the statistics and these are absolutely free.

The exciting things that you can do with this app are like: You can record your running and track distance, track cycling routes, swim pace, cycle speed, elevation gained and, the most important, calories burned.

You can mix up your run, swim or ride with the world’s largest trail network. To keep you on the track, the app provides a monthly challenge that you can complete with others.

How to use Strava Tracker

Like we have described the every steps involved in the Freeletics app, this app is also very simple to go through. You just need to follow the prompt and choose the desired and preferred options as you go on.

We have included some of the screenshots that may help you go through this app.

To download and install the app on your phone, you can click on the following link.

Nike Training Club – Workouts & Fitness Plans

This app is from Nike Inc. which contains 185+ free workouts and personalized training plans that you can do anytime and anywhere.

The “Picks for You” option is mainly focused on your personalized routines. It automatically becomes more personalized and customized as you go on working out with the Nike Training Club.

Using this app, you can actually target your focused body parts whether you may be targeting your abs and core, or may be arms and shoulders and glute or legs. This app actually gives you proper exercise for each of the body parts.

Besides that, you may also find other workouts like Boxing, Yoga, strength building, Endurance and mobility for your overall progress on health.

You can set the workout time ranging from 15-45 minutes and within this time you can set the level for your workout i.e. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Intensity of workout like Low, Moderate and High can also be set depending upon your fitness level.

And finally, to keep you motivated and on track, there are some of your favourite players’ workout.

Below are some of the screenshots of the app that may help you go through the app starting from the registration to the final workout.

To download and install the app, just click on the link given below.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout

As the name of this app suggest, the motto of the app is to motivate you to workout for 7 minutes every day. With this app, the workout has become easy and fun too.

The app is designed in a way that contains 7 workouts which are beneficial for maximum benefits of exercise with only 7 minutes a day.

With this app, you can simply choose a goal and your fitness level, and everything required to do the 7 workouts for 7 minutes a day will be delivered.

There is an option of completing the workout with your friends for your encouragement and support and to keep you motivated.

Below are some of the screenshots which may guide you go through the app.

Just download and install the app and start using it right away to get the maximum benefits of exercise.