The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

If you are looking for screen recording software that can simply do recording work efficiently without any hassle depending upon the type of work you are doing, then you have come to the best place for a genuine review.

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

Why Do you need Screen Recording Software

On the increasing popularity of the video content over the internet, many of us are now busy producing videos that contain useful information. We are creating some tutorials like how to set up windows 7, or making a video that teaches students online and is very helpful for them.

Besides that, if you are good at gaming and want to record your gameplay and share it on the internet, then you need a good screen recording software that is going to record your game while you are playing it. You want to showcase your talent. That’s good.

Many of the times you want to record the screen of your mobile phone and want to share that video to your friend and relatives.

Sometimes we need to record the whole of the screen of our PC or laptop and sometimes we need to record some area of the screen.

So depending upon our needs, many software development companies have developed different types of screen recording software that meets our needs.

How to choose the best screen recording software

Our needs are different and hence the type of software. One is playing a high-end game that requires more system performance and hence a robust screen recording software. On the other hand, one is just recording the screen to produce a simple tutorial video.

In the above two cases, the types of screen recording software one may need are different. For the first one the software needs to be capable of recording full screen and background recording and also support high graphics performance and for the second case, the software need not be so much high end.

Hence according to the use of the user, we have listed below some of the screen recording software, their features, setup process, recording process, and quality.

Best screen recording software 2019

      1.   OBS Studio

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

It is open-source and free screen recording software available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It supports HD recording as well as streaming.

Some of the notable features of OBS studio is its high performance in real-time video or audio recording or capturing and mixing. You can create scenes that are made up of multiple sources like images, text, webcams and windows screen captures that is going to be a highly creative video that you are creating.

The software allows you to create studios that you can cycle through them during the process of recording. It is one of the best screen recording software if your work involves streaming and producing webinars over the internet.

The installation process is very simple. You just need to download the OBS Studio for your required platform and install it. Note that you must have installed the component required in your system like DirectX End-User Runtime and others.

Download OBS Studio for Windows

      2.   FlashBack Pro

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

It is one of the best recording software if you are keen to record videos the audio and are interested in quality audio recording. It provides various filters for the audio recording.

The latest version is FlashBack Pro 5 and its free version comes for a 30-day free trial. After you install it you can continue with the trial.

The notable features include recording full screen, some area of the screen and choose windows i.e. you can select windows and record that particular windows and stop or pause the recording with hotkeys.

After you record the screen, an editor for the video opens which provides maximum features for the best result.

You can give annotations in the form of text boxes, apply different filters to your videos like change cursor highlights, hide cursor at selected frames, smooth cursor movements, add zoom/pan, add magnifier, add transition, add cropping/auto-scroll region, add titles, and speed up or slow down frames etc.

You will the timeline view of the video with separated video and audio items.

One of my favorite features included in this recording software editing tool is that it provides frame wise editing. If you want to edit or delete a minor part of the video which consists of a very small time interval, then you can choose from the frames and edit or delete them.

You can separately copy, delete, crop or insert frames in the video during the editing process.

You will find other exciting features in this screen recording software which is interesting to explore.

The audio recording is very much enhanced where you can filter the noise of the room and get the quality sound recording inside the video.

FlashBack pro also gives more control over the webcam recording.

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

Though the full version of the software is not free, you can try the trial version for 30 days and if you like it, you can buy the full version with a price of $49 for a lifetime home license and $79 for a lifetime business license.

Download FlashBack Pro 5 Free Version

      3.   ApowerREC Unlimited

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

This software is developed by Apowersoft Company which is available for the platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS i.e. you can use the mobile app version of this software.

It is made for both screen recording and streaming videos. Like other screen recording software, it also allows the user to record the whole desktop screen as well as a selected region of the screen.

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

One of the features that I like is the ability to record the screen of the phone and cast it on the computer using this software on the phone and computer.

The interface or the control of recording is very simple. It provides simple windows which contain the recording button as well as control for volume, microphone, and webcam etc.

You can make real-time editing during the recording process and can have the advanced editing features after the recording and saving the video.

Overall features of this screen recording software are very good. The performance is very seamless with its floating recording controller. You can download the software from the link given below.

Download ApowerREC

      4.   Debut Video Capture Software

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

This screen recording software is very simple to use with every required feature available. But the look of the software is somehow outdated.

This software allows recording through webcam, devices, network, and screen recording.

There are the different option available for recording like selecting the area of recording, resolution of recording. There are different video options and encoder options that you can select from.

It provides simple features like adjusting brightness, contrast, gamma, and other video filters preset and watermark option to add in video.

This screen recording software is quite simple and can be used for simple screen recordings.

You can download and install the software from the link given below.

Download Debut Video Capture Software

      5.   TechSmith Camtasia

The Best Screen Recording Software You Must Try in 2019

It is one of my favorite and most used screen recording software due to its direct, simple and video editing capabilities.

It has got a simple recording controller containing the options of recording size, microphone and recording button.

With the shortcuts keys, you can start, pause or stop the recording at any time and resume from the paused moment.

After the recording, the video editor, which has got decent features for producing an eye-catching video, opens where you can edit the video. It provides simple yet effective options like importing other media files, giving annotation to recorded videos, animation, zoom and pan, and preset filters.

A decent set of transitions, titles, opening, and closing credits makes the editor more powerful and worthy of use.

After you finish the editing part, you can directly publish it to youtube or other social media platform or you can save it to your local disk with different formats and resolutions. You can also choose the video format of recording.

It gives you complete flexibility both in recording and post-recording i.e. editing.

This screen recording software is although not free you can use the trial version for 30 days, still you can use the recording feature for the lifetime for free.


As I have mentioned earlier that the best screen recording software is decided by the use of the user according to its need. In addition to that, the software must be simple in interface yet producing high-quality content and thus saving the time of the user.

Above is the list of software that I use for their different features available. You can try them and explore your best one.

If you have found your desired screen recording software, you can comment below so that others can be benefited.