Do Some Fun with Ableton Learning Synths Electronic Music Tool


With Learning Synths, an interactive electronic music tool by Ableton, you can experience the music in your browser with some drag of your mouse. Isn’t it exciting? Synthesizers are strange and threatening boxes to many of us. The electronic music organization Ableton is deciding to clarify and demystify the instrument. It has made an intelligent … Read more

Compress Video Online with UniConverter


There may be a time when you need to compress your video in order to reduce its size. You also want not to compromise with the quality of the video over the size. In this article, we’ll compress video online with UniConverter and see the pros and cons of the online video compression. UniConverter is … Read more

Google Squoosh web app lets you downsize the image without compromising quality

google squoosh web app that lets you compress image without compromising the quality in the image

Now compress image without compromising its quality with Google Squoosh web app Tired of uploading high-quality images to your website? Is your site loading slower and slower as you are uploading high-quality images in order to get a professional and creative look of your website? Definitely you want your site to look amazing with the … Read more

The Best pdf to word Converter Online for Free

pdf to word converter online

Use Google Drive to convert all your pdf format documents into the Word’s .docx format. Ever wondered how you can convert your pdf document into word format. You might also have wondered to modify a pdf format document. You most probably have searched the best pdf to word converter online because you don’t like the … Read more

How to create new Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms in Google’s ‘.new’ links instantly.

google docs

Using  Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms in Google’s ‘.new’ links are now easier. Google Docs has found out a new time-saving way to instantly create new Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms document with its new domain .new. The company this week introduced its “.new” domain, which can be used to instantly create a new file … Read more