What is DNS Server in Networking and how it works

what is dns server in networking

This article explains what is DNS server in networking is and how it works through different servers to display the website on your web browser. In the world of networking computers don’t go by their names like humans do. They go by numbers because that’s how computers and other similar devices talk and identify with … Read more

What is a Firewall for a Network – why necessary?

What is a Firewall for a Network - why necessary?

Firewall for a network and its type. In this article, we are going to understand different types of firewall and decide which Firewall will best suit you as per your implementation environment. So let’s start. A firewall protects our computers from internet hackers. Internet hackers can steal our bank details from our computers and can … Read more

TCP/IP Utilities Network Commands You Should Know


The TCP/IP utilities Network commands are very much useful in the field of computer networking in diagnosing problems and getting solutions. It also gives you more knowledge and more clutch on computer networking. We will use some of those TCP/IP utilities. Using Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Address resolution protocol, or termination control protocol/internet protocol is … Read more

Transmission Media in Networking with Network Cable Colour Coding

transmission media in networking

In this tutorial, we will learn what Transmission Media in Networking is and how Network Cable Colour Coding is done.  To share information and data processing in the network, the most basic requirement for the computers is that they should be physically connected to one another via a path which is known as Path-Way. This … Read more