Troubleshooting Commands for Cisco Configuration – CCNA Course

troubleshooting commands for cisco confifuration

Troubleshooting commands Troubleshooting a Cisco device and the networks to which it is connected is an integral part of being a Cisco administrator. Most of your troubleshooting can be solved by verifying your configurations and the device’s operations, using the show commands mentioned in the previous article. However, at times you may need to use … Read more

How to use “show” command to get information ?- CCNA Course

show command for getting information

Using the show command to get information As an administrator of cisco routers and switches, it is inevitable that you will get information and statistics to verify the functionality of those devices and the networks that are connected to them. The crux of every command to view these statistics is the show keyword. This article … Read more

Domain Name Specific Commands for Cisco Configuration


Quite often, you have to test connectivity or connect to a multitude of devices from your router or switch. Unless you have all their IP addresses memorized or you have a trusty topology map with you wherever you go, you might find it difficult to accurately recall their IP address information. To assist you when … Read more

Foundation Cisco Configurations – CCNA Course


This article is interconnected with the Navigating Cisco IOS software. If you haven’t read that yet, you must read that. After a clear and firm understanding of Navigation article, it is time to put that knowledge to the test by exposing yourself to the huge number of commands that are available for configuration and verification. … Read more