Advanced Access lists – CCNA Course

Advanced Access lists - CCNA Course

In this article, we are going to show you some more advanced ways to use access lists. Most of the advanced access-list topics are beyond the objectives of this CCNA course, so we’ll just discuss them briefly and you can find more information on the Cisco website if you are interested. However, with that said, … Read more

Extended Access Lists – CCNA Course


In the standard IP access list example, you can notice how you have to block all access from the Sales LAN to the finance department. What if you needed sales to gain access to a certain server on the finance LAN but not to other network services, for security reasons? With the standard IP access … Read more

Standard Access Lists – CCNA Course

standard access lists ccna course

Standard IP access lists filter network traffic by examining the source IP address in a packet. You create a standard IP access list by using the access-list numbers 19 or 13001999 (expanded range). Access list types are generally differentiated using a number. Based on the numbers used when the access list is created, the router … Read more

Introduction to Access Lists

Introduction to Access Lists

An Access list is essentially a list of conditions that categorize packets. They can really help when you need to exercise control over network traffic. An access list would be your tool of choice for decision making in these situations. One of the most common and easiest to understand uses of access lists is filtering … Read more