Spotify Lite is available in less than 10 MB, better for slow net connection

spotify lite for android and ios

If you have a slow internet connection, downloading and installing a simple music app for 100 MB or more for playing music online is a bit boring when you don’t have any music on your phone to listen to. You would have wished the app should be lower in size so that you can download it quickly and listen to music without spoiling the mood.

Keeping in mind the problem above, Spotify has launched the lighter version of its Android application today — named Spotify Lite — that is intended for individuals who prefer the older version of mobile phones and smaller data plans of internet. The 10MB application (the primary Spotify application can require 100MB) ships with one noteworthy new feature: the capacity to set a data usage limit and get a notification when it’s achieved, which is a need for individuals who should be aware of their internet data utilization.

Utilizing Spotify Lite, users can likewise control their song cache and clear it with a tap if the storage capacity of the phone is an issue. The application is accessible in 36 countries around Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa through Google Play Store and can be installed on any Android device running Android version 4.3 and higher. You will likely to find the lite version of Spotify same as the standard Spotify application, yet it’s improved for slower associations and those with fewer data concentrated cell plans.

Aside from the data include expansion, the main other fundamental distinction between standard Spotify and its Lite variation seems, by all accounts, to be a structure change: users’ libraries on Lite are replaced with Favorites, which is the place every single spared tune and playlists live.

The purpose of the Spotify seems to retain the user experience of the standard version of the Spotify with the new lite version and let users choose what is best for them while using the app.

Spotify is one of the different significant tech company to present a light application. Facebook, for example, has Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, and Instagram Lite. Uber likewise has its very own Lite version.

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