Fun Google Easter Eggs

Fun Google Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are the hidden funny parts of the Google search engine. I have found some of them. so here is a list of Google Easter Eggs. Fun Facts when you want to know something interesting and funny just type in google search box “Fun Facts” or “I am feeling curious” and you will get … Read more

Jio TV Download for PC

how to play jio tv in your laptop or desktop

No need to search for websites to watch tv on your PC or laptop. You just need Jio TV installed. I have been searching for different websites on my computer to watch free live tv. But no one can replace an app with an option to watch tv. we are watching tv with Jio tv app … Read more

The Best pdf to word Converter Online for Free

pdf to word converter online

Use Google Drive to convert all your pdf format documents into the Word’s .docx format. Ever wondered how you can convert your pdf document into word format. You might also have wondered to modify a pdf format document. You most probably have searched the best pdf to word converter online because you don’t like the … Read more

Best Free Messaging App for Android

best messaging app in android and other platforms

Enrich your chat experience with the Best Free Messaging App for Android.  Our smartphones are actually smart and these are getting smarter with new apps. Like that messaging apps are the apps that we use almost in any leisure. These messaging apps have been built with so many features such as texting, sending photos and … Read more

How does WhatsApp make money by showing ads

whatsapp make money

Recently WhatsApp has found an answer to the question of how does WhatsApp makes money. After Facebook bought WhatsApp and the founder of WhatsApp left, it did not start to make money from it. But now WhatsApp status will start to show Facebook ads to make money from it. According to the VP of the … Read more

Unified inbox in ios allows to view multiple inbox in gmail

unified inbox in gmail

This feature lets you view multiple inboxes in Gmail for different accounts on your iPhone. While Android users have already had the option to view multiple inboxes in Gmail for different accounts i.e. viewing multiple inboxes for different Gmail accounts the iPhone users were lacking that features. They had to switch between the multiple navigation tabs. … Read more

Google Discover Feed on US homepage

google news feed

Google had announced on its 20th anniversary to add Google Discover feed to its homepage and now it started appearing in of US home page. When accessed from a mobile browser it appears like cards which contain information on news and various topics beneath the search box of Google in its homepage. The cards … Read more

How to create new Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms in Google’s ‘.new’ links instantly.

google docs

Using  Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms in Google’s ‘.new’ links are now easier. Google Docs has found out a new time-saving way to instantly create new Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms document with its new domain .new. The company this week introduced its “.new” domain, which can be used to instantly create a new file … Read more

TikTok owner Bytedance is now the world’s most valuable startup

tiktok from bytedance

SoftBank’s $3 billion round investment has crowned TikTok owner Bytedance the world’s most valuable startup as reported by Bloomberg.  Bytedance is the owner of TikTok which is the most popular karaoke video app of 15-sec limit and huge Chinese news aggregator Toutiao, is now valued at $75 billion, which takes it past Uber’s most recent … Read more

Repairnator can do bug fix easily!!!

fix bug in programming

Repairnator can do bug fix easily (The automated Programmer) The automated programmer, called Repairnator, wrote patches good enough to fool actual human engineers. As in the words of Benjamin Franklin, Nothing can be said to be certain in this world, except Death and Taxes. He could also say the same about “software bugs”. Modern computer … Read more