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What is Percentage?

Percentage, in Mathematics, is the ratio or fraction or number that is a fraction of 100. We can represent any real number as a fraction of 100 just by dividing it by 100 and we get the percentage by multiplying the same fraction by 100.

For example, 4 is the 4% of 100. 25% is equivalent to 25/100 or 0.25. Similarly, 500 is the 500% of 100.

Again, we can find out the percentage of any number with respect to any other number. Finding out the percentage of a number w.r.t. another is representing both the numbers in terms of 100 and representing them accordingly.

For example, 64 is the 50% of 128. It means as 50 is to 100 so as 64 is to 128.

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