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Online Loan Calculator

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Let me Introduce Online Loan Calculator

In a case when we have taken a loan from any institution, Loan calculator comes with great help for the loanee. Here we introduce a simple online loan calculator that you can use to calculate your monthly installments.

In some point of time, we need to take loan from various places like banks, post offices and others financial and credit institutions.

At that time we are much concerned about the installment that we are going to pay in order to repay the whole loan amount based on the loan amount, rate of interest and time period for which we have taken the loan.

How to use it

It is very simple to use the Loan Calculate. If you want to calculate the monthly installments, you should enter the following values:

  1. Loan Amount: It is the total amount that you want or have taken as loan from any credit institution.
  2. Loan Length in Months: Enter the total time period of the loan in months. If you know the time in years, just multiply the year with 12 and you will get the months value.
  3. Interest Rate: It is the interest that the credit agency is going to take extra from you on a base of 100 per annum. You should have asked the rate of interest from whom you are taking loan.

As you enter the above values in respective fields, just click Calculate to get the monthly installment value.

NOTE: The results you get from the above calculator is for comparison purpose. This calculator may be used if you are planning for a next loan

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