How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

Record your browser activity with one of my favorite Screen Recording google chrome extensions known as Loom.

best screen recording using google chrome extension loom

The internet is growing day by day, and with this increase, there is an increase in the content and content creator.

We, as a creator, make videos that contain useful information like tutorials, details explanation of any procedure and other types of videos.

Some of the videos can be directly created by digital cameras, but when we are going to record something that is going on a screen like our Laptop screen, then it is somehow bad idea to use digital camera.

In such cases, we use a Screen Recording Software that will record the screen very clearly.

Google chrome web store comes with a useful list of google chrome extensions which helps in easing various activities of the user. Extensions are the webapp that runs within the browser in order to add more functionality to the browser.

We have a very useful screen recording extension known as Loom in the chrome store that we are going to use to record our screen. we will see its various features in this article in details below.

Adding Loom: Video Recorder to Chrome

Before we actually use Loom, we need to add it to our chrome browser. In order to add Loom to chrome, just follow the steps below.

Open Chrome Web Store and search Loom at the top left corner. You can also search Loom from Google search and directly go to the official website of Loom to add it to chrome.

How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

After you find it, just click on Add to Chrome button. As you click, Click on Add Extension to confirm your action. It will automatically be added to chrome after its formality of checking the browser.

Setup Loom before Recording

After you’ve added Loom to Chrome, you’ll need to sign in. If you haven’t any account, you can sign up with Google account. At first sign up, and then sign in.

Now you need to give permission to Loom to use your WebCam and Microphone in order to record your face and voice. Click on One-Click Access and then Allow.

All the setup are now finished and Loom is ready for recording purpose.

How to Record with Loom

When you click on the Loom extension in the address bar of chrome, you can see that it offers three modes of recording i.e. Screen+Cam, Screen only, and Cam only.

How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

In the first option of recording, you can record both your screen and Face with webcam simultaneously. This option is great when you are recording a tutorial on the screen and you want your face to be visible to the audience in order to increase viewer engagement.

When you put your face in front of viewer, it gives some sort of trust to your audience.

How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

The second option is Screen only. In this case, you can record only your screen. This is an option when you don’t want your face to be visible to the audience. you simply record the screen and put the video wherever you want.

The videos recorded using this option can be interactive and creative if recorded wisely in order to increase audience engagement.

And finally the third option is Cam only, where you can only use and record through your webcam. This method is useful, when you are going to teach others or say something to others yourself. You can stream that recording also.

After these three options of recording, you will another two modes of recording i.e. Full Desktop and Current Tab.

How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

When you choose Full Desktop, as the name specified, it can record your whole desktop screen beyond the boundary of chrome.

But when you choose Current Tab, the recording region will be restricted to the current windows of chrome with current tab where you are working. While recording your videos, choose these options wisely in order to make video useful.

After you have explored the screen recording options, now let us take a look at audio recording.

When videos have sounds, they tend to become more useful and popular among the audience. Human Voice gives more credibility to the videos and makes it more trustworthy.

When Microphone Audio is turned on, it will record your voice through microphone present in your laptop. If you want to add more advanced microphone, you can also do that by adding it to your system.

You can see a line being haywire against Microphone Audio whenever you say something during recording, and it will be added to the video part of the recording simultaneously.

There are some advanced options like Microphone source, Including audio tab, show or hide control menu, and countdown, etc.

How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

The last option which is the most important is the recording button. After you have chosen desired mode of recording, just click Start Recording and immediately, it will start recording of the selected region or the whole region of the desktop.

Recording and After Recording

When you click on Start Recording, it will count down to 0 from 3 and automatically start recording your screen.

You can pause at any time during the recording and also resume from that point by clicking the pause and resume button at the bottom respectively.

After you finish the recording by clicking the finish or tick button at the bottom, you will be redirected to the website of Loom where you will have various options for post processing your video like Edit, trim, custom thumbnail etc.

How to Record your Browser Screen with Loom

You will also have the direct sharing link of the video. You can copy the link and share it any where you want.

Loom provides easy and smooth process of recording and sharing of the videos with simple clicks.


Simplicity with flexibility in various options makes Loom one of my favorite screen recording google chrome extensions.

If you are keen to record videos of your screen in order to make your audience learn more from your videos, then choosing a good and flawless recording app must be your first priority.

If you are already using some other screen recording app, then you should share it here so that other can be benefited from your user experience.

I hope you like the post. Let us know in the comment section.