Jio TV Download for PC

how to play jio tv in your laptop or desktop

No need to search for websites to watch tv on your PC or laptop. You just need Jio TV installed.

I have been searching for different websites on my computer to watch free live tv. But no one can replace an app with an option to watch tv. we are watching tv with Jio tv app in our smartphone but the pc version of Jio tv has not come yet. this is only available only for android or ios.
But with some simple steps and an android simulator named BlueStacks installed on our pc, we can watch tv. Not just tv we can use our pc as an android device, can install android apps, games and do whatever we can do with an Android device. 
So here are some simple steps with photos of how you can install Jio tv on your pc with the help of BlueStacks.
First, Download BlueStacks and install it on your pc.

After BlueStacks finishes its installation, it will take some time depending upon the configuration of your pc for its first boot. Just keep patience.

Jio TV Download for PC
Starting up BlueStacks for the first time
After it starts, it will show a usual welcome screen of an Android device. just complete the setup as you do for a new Android smartphone. choose your preferred language, then sign in to your google account by giving email id and password.
Jio TV Download for PC
As you signed in to your google account, BlueStacks is now ready with its a few apps already installed like Google play. so here, open google play and search Jio TV.
Select Jio TV and click install to install in the PC.
Jio TV Download for PC
Search Jio TV
Jio TV Download for PC
Installing Jio TV
After the installation of Jio TV, it will ask for some permission to be allowed. click “allow” to proceed further.
Now Jio Tv will ask to sign in to Jio account. give your username and password of Jio account to log into Jio tv as you have done in your smartphone.
And after a successful login, you can now watch tv and other programs on Jio tv. you can also find a shortcut icon on your computer desktop of Jio tv.
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