What is a Firewall for a Network – why necessary?

Firewall for a network and its type.In this article, we are going...

30 Most Viewed Youtube Video – Updated list

The most viewed youtube video which is the topper of the list is at the bottom.

How to Add Multiple Displays to your Laptop without any cost

Today I’m going to write an exciting article that will blow your mind. We’ll add multiple...

What is the Difference between SSD and HDD with full Information

When you or someone wants to buy a new computer system, then there is always a...

Want to move from Chrome to other browsers?

Move from Chrome to other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera, etc.

Do Some Fun with Ableton Learning Synths Electronic Music Tool

With Learning Synths, an interactive electronic music tool by Ableton, you can experience the music in your browser with some drag...

WhatsApp Backup and Restore – Things you should know

You need to understand WhatsApp Backup and Restore process in order to avoid any loss of...

4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives you can use

Improve your reading experience with these 4 Best Adobe Reader Alternatives.Adobe...

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How to setup Epson L3150 wifi settings

Epson L3150 Wifi setupHere in this tutorial, we will see the setup...
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How to Get WhatsApp For Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

You might be thinking of installing WhatsApp for Windows 7 and use...

NASA updates new directives to stop contamination in the Solar System caused by space journey

Picture: NASAAfter years of debate, NASA is planning to update the guidelines...
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