Explore these Google Search 3D Animals and Objects for Fun and Education

Explore these Google Search 3D Animals and Objects for Fun and Education

  Google believes within the sensible aspect of augmented reality. During the last few years, it has been increasing its assortment of 3D animals and objects on the smartphones, ranging from land animals to underwater creatures to even birds, home pets, and even dinosaurs. There’s additionally a rising assortment specializing in the human anatomy and … Read more

Here is why You should use VPN services

Here is why You should use VPN services

A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) means that you can connect with the web privately and anonymously. You have in all probability heard rather a lot about the way it’s important that you’ve such a service obtainable to you, however you may nonetheless be questioning simply how important it’s and the way utilizing top-of-the-line VPN … Read more

How to change Gmail Inbox Layout

gmail inbox layout

Gmail affords you many customizable formats — so many you could have a number of Gmail accounts and so they can all look utterly completely different. For instance, you’ll be able to have all your emails in a single lengthy listing, you’ll be able to separate your messages into a number of tabs, or you’ll … Read more

Use these 9 Android Camera Apps to be a better Smartphone Photographer

camera apps android

Taking pictures together with your Android digital camera apps is often nice, however, third-party apps can pack a punch in places you did not even know you wanted! From manual controls to real-time filters, to artistic extras and a lot extra, you may obtain much more than you assume you may together with your smartphone … Read more

Grammarly now corrects spelling and grammar mistakes in Google Docs


After this July month update, Grammarly is now becoming more powerful when used with Google Docs. What it’s worthwhile to know Grammar and spelling service Grammarly is getting extra highly effective when used together with Google Docs. After the update in July, Grammarly will provide some special premium correction features. The same update can even … Read more

Here is how you can use YouTube Incognito Mode

Here is how you can use YouTube Incognito Mode

This is how one can watch movies on YouTube with out leaving any hint of them. YouTube, one of the widespread companies in Google’s lineup, now has a brand new instrument known as “Incognito Mode.” Similar to the Google Chrome function of the identical identify, Incognito Mode on YouTube lets you watch movies within the … Read more

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word has been the most popular word processing software since its inception to the market. With its every new version, based on the years, it has come with a new look and new features added to it making it rich in word processing and many more. With the latest Microsoft Word version of 2019, … Read more

What is DNS Server in Networking and how it works

what is dns server in networking

This article explains what is DNS server in networking is and how it works through different servers to display the website on your web browser. In the world of networking computers don’t go by their names like humans do. They go by numbers because that’s how computers and other similar devices talk and identify with … Read more

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs


Create and maintain your own website easily with these Content Management Services. According to statistics, the number of internet users is more than 4.1 Billion as in December 2018 and with this data, you can imagine how big the world of internet has become. If something you have created online i.e. your online business or … Read more

Top 5 Best Password Manager you can use in 2019

best password managers

Perhaps the most ideal approaches to secure yourself online is to create passwords that must be different and unique for each webpage and other services that you are subscribing. Now you have set a unique password for every website you have signed up, and you find difficulties in remembering those passwords. But you wouldn’t have … Read more

What is a Firewall for a Network – why necessary?

What is a Firewall for a Network - why necessary?

Firewall for a network and its type. In this article, we are going to understand different types of firewall and decide which Firewall will best suit you as per your implementation environment. So let’s start. A firewall protects our computers from internet hackers. Internet hackers can steal our bank details from our computers and can … Read more

How to Add Multiple Displays to your Laptop without any cost


Today I’m going to write an exciting article that will blow your mind. We’ll add multiple displays to our laptop or desktop without any cost. We’ll use our other smartphones like Android Phones, iPhones and even tablets also. Yes, you heard it right!! We’ll make our phones and tablet as monitors of our computer system … Read more

Want to move from Chrome to other browsers?


Move from Chrome to other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Brave, Opera, etc. In spite of some new upgrades to user security and privacy, Google’s mainstream Chrome software as a browser has as of late been thrashed in certain quarters as problematical with regards to security and privacy issues. These equivalent articles recommend that in case … Read more

Do Some Fun with Ableton Learning Synths Electronic Music Tool


With Learning Synths, an interactive electronic music tool by Ableton, you can experience the music in your browser with some drag of your mouse. Isn’t it exciting? Synthesizers are strange and threatening boxes to many of us. The electronic music organization Ableton is deciding to clarify and demystify the instrument. It has made an intelligent … Read more

WhatsApp Backup and Restore – Things you should know

whatsapp backup and restore

You need to understand WhatsApp Backup and Restore process in order to avoid any loss of your messages. Whenever you reinstall WhatsApp or change your phone and install WhatsApp on it, you need to restore your previous chats to the newly installed WhatsApp. If you have taken backups of the chats, then there is no … Read more