How to update the Firmware of Epson Printer

How to update the Firmware of Epson Printer

Let’s update the firmware of our Epson Printer and increase the efficiency a little bit.

The printer is one of the useful devices for any official and professional work. We may have softcopies of our plan and course of action but sometimes it is necessary to present the physical copies and that’s where the use of a printer comes.

The printer should be efficient by means of printing speed and quality. We purchase the best printer as per our budget and necessity. But over a period of time and continuous use of the printer, it lacks that sort of efficiency and we need to update something in the hardware as well as programming part of the printer.

Printer companies offer the Firmware that is the basic program loaded in the printer to run and do the printing work. When you buy a printer, the firmware has already been installed and you just need to install the printer driver to get your work started.

In order to fix issues like bugs, slow printing speed, etc. the printer companies provide regular firmware updates and you should install it regularly. Updating firmware in the printer, though it seems of least important, can help repair bugs (which could reduce printer life) in the existing firmware. It also fixes issues with printing speed and can increase the number of pages per minute that can be printed.

Here, we’ll take the example of the Epson L3150 EcoTank printer as an example and update the printer firmware from the official website of Epson.

How to Update the Epson L3150 EcoTank Printer Firmware

Before you start the process of updating the firmware, make sure your printer is connected to the computer and turned on. You can follow the following procedure to update the firmware.

  • Download Epson Software Updater from the official website of Epson.
  • Install it on your computer or laptop and run it.
How to update the Firmware of Epson Printer
  • When you click on Next, you will see the Instructions and caution that you should take care of. And they are as follows.
    • Turn the power on. If it is already on, turn the power off and on again making sure no jobs in the printer queue.
    • Disconnect all cables from your computer, except the power cord and any USB or Ethernet cable used for printing.
    • Queued print jobs will be canceled by updating the firmware.
    • Do not use the printer until the firmware update is complete.
    • It may take up to 15 minutes to complete the update. You cannot cancel or interrupt the update.
    • If the firmware update fails and the printer goes into recovery mode (indicated by flashing status lights), you will not be able to update the printer’s firmware over a network connection. Connect your computer to the printer using a USB cable instead and try updating the firmware again. See the documentation or visit to check if the printer is in the recovery mode.
    • Do not turn off your product while updating even if its LCD screen turns off or blue.
    • Click Next to start the Printer firmware update.
How to update the Firmware of Epson Printer
  • Check the Firmware version update available and select your printer model series. Here we have selected the Epson L3150 series. And click on Start to start the process.
How to update the Firmware of Epson Printer
  • Now it will start updating the printer, and you can see it through the progress bar.
How to update the Firmware of Epson Printer
  • After the update is complete, it will give you a confirmation message like “The firmware update is complete.
How to update the Firmware of Epson Printer

The above process was described for the windows operating the software on your computer or laptop. The process is the same for the updating Firmware in Mac OS X or macOS.