How to setup Amazon Echo Dot (with Alexa) 3rd generation?

amazon echo dot

Amazon Echo Dot is claimed, by Amazon, to be one of the best speakers with voice assistant available in the market which is now coming in its 3rd Generation version from Amazon Website.

In this article, we’ll set up Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation by installing Amazon Alexa app in our phone and connecting the app and the Dot in an exciting way.

But before that, we should know a brief about the Amazon Echo Dot.

This great minimal brilliant speaker makes calls anyplace in your nation of living arrangement, gives you control of your shrewd home with a couple of directions and streams music from a bunch of the world’s top music streaming services like Amazon Music, TuneIn, Gaana, Hungama, and Saavn, etc.. So despite the fact that it might be little, it sure packs a punch.

Yet, notwithstanding every one of the emphases, the Echo Dot still comes up short on a couple of fundamentals, most quite the 3.5mm auxiliary cord line. What’s more, the most recent option to the Echo family, the Amazon Echo Input, presently offers a much easier option in contrast to the Echo Dot – one without the speakers, yet which will add Alexa brilliant capacity to an associated speaker.

How to setup Amazon Echo Dot (with Alexa) 3rd generation?

What is an Echo Dot utilized for? Think about the Amazon Echo Dot as your very own associate.

We’re not at the phase where our tech can physically enable us to run our homes, yet it can do everything else. So you can ask voice assistance of Echo Dot, namely Alexa, to respond to inquiries regarding the time, general learning, traffic, what the climate will resemble and everything else that may enable your day to run a bit smoother.

On account of keen home tech all interfacing up, you can likewise utilize your Dot to control different gadgets that you may have in your home. So suppose you have a Philips Hue light, for instance, the Dot can control that as well. You’d simply need to state “Alexa, turn off the bulb.

I think this is only the start. The Amazon Echo Dot has an entire host of ‘abilities’ termed as ‘Skills‘ which you can consider as independent applications and things it can accomplish for you, from making diversions to controlling other tech to getting you up toward the beginning of the day. You can even now utilize Alexa to make calls to telephone numbers in other countries.

It doesn’t ask for a fee to do those skills but if you’re an Amazon Prime part you’ll get some additional advantages, similar to access to Amazon Music through your Dot.

The Echo Dot packs a ton of extraordinary highlights and fits tech into a minor bundle. It additionally bodes well for the individuals who aren’t whether to unit their homes out with brilliant tech and would prefer not to take quite a bit of a bet.

Does the Echo Dot require Alexa? Indeed. Alexa is the thing that makes your Dot keen. Think about her as your very own keen partner and the cerebrums behind the equipment. You request that her get things done and help you with things for the duration of the day, from “Alexa, what will the weather be like tomorrow?” to “Alexa, switch on the lights please.”

You don’t have to do anything extra to get Alexa, the voice aide comes worked into Amazon’s Echo scope of shrewd speakers.

Does the Echo Dot need Wifi? Truly, it does. There’s a possibility you’d probably utilize the Dot as only a Bluetooth speaker without Wifi, however, to get everything set-up you’d, in any case, need to get it associated with the web. On the off chance that you don’t have Wifi at the present time, hold up until you do before acquiring a Dot.

The Amazon Echo Dot third Generation is available now for INR 3999.

Design in Amazon Echo Dot (with Alexa)

The 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot is simpler on the eyes than both of Amazon’s two past Echo Dots. It offers adjusted edges that help make the Dot look less like a hockey puck, and the texture grille around the external edge feels present day and tasteful at the same time. (Amazon has been taking pointers from the Google Home Mini, clearly.)

How to setup Amazon Echo Dot (with Alexa) 3rd generation?

The texture work configuration enables the Amazon To reverberate Dot mix in with the remainder of the invigorated Amazon Echo line-up, which got a texture secured makeover with a year ago’s revive. Thus, the new Echo Dot comes in hues to coordinate the remainder of the range, as well, with Charcoal, Heather Gray and Sandstone shades.

there are 4 buttons on the top of the Dot and they are Volume up and down, Alexa or Action button and Mice on or off.

There is a 3.5 mm jack for the auxiliary cord, next to the power connector, to connect Dot with another speaker.

How to Set up Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa

If you are setting up Echo dot and Alexa for the first time in your smartphone, you’ll need to experience the way toward downloading the application and marking into your Amazon account, however, then it’s pretty much simple process.

Download and Install Amazon Alexa App from the Play Store or App Store on your phone.

Turn on the Echo Dot by plugging in the power adapter. It will take a few seconds to get ready to connect with your phone over wifi and Bluetooth.

When you see Orange light is circling the Dot, this is ready to set up. If set up mode is turned off by chance, you can always come back to set up mode by long-pressing the action button or the Alexa button on Dot for 6 seconds.

When the Dot is ready for set up, open Amazon Alexa App and follows the prompt to connect.

As the Dot is listed in the searched device, tap on it to connect. You can connect the Dot with your phone’s hotspot also.

After the connection is complete, the Alexa in Echo Dot will confirm the successful connection.

Now, you can start Asking Alexa and explore what are its skills.