How to Redirect 404 Error to Homepage in WordPress #WordPress

Do you want to redirect all your 404 pages to Homepage in WordPress so that users can’t end up landing on an error page?

When you have changed the permalink of any page or post, or deleted it, then you may end up a 404 error page for that post or page.

When users tries to land on any moved or deleted page, they end up landing on pages that actually do not exist there and hence a 404 error page shows.

This gives users a very bad experience about your site.

But don’t worry.

In WordPress you have solutions for every other problem. In this post, we’ll see how you can redirect all 404 error pages to Homepage so that users will know that those pages do not exist at all.

Video Tutorial

Below is the video version of the tutorial. If you are comfortable with this, then please continue with it.

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