How to create new Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms in Google’s ‘.new’ links instantly.

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Using  Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms in Google’s ‘.new’ links are now easier.

Google Docs has found out a new time-saving way to instantly create new Docs, Slides, Sheets and Forms document with its new domain .new. The company this week introduced its “.new” domain, which can be used to instantly create a new file across any of these services, it says.

Now, instead of going to Google Drive, and then clicking on “New” and then choosing the service you want to use and create a document of your need, you can now just type “” in your address bar of the browser to open a Google Doc online and use it as usual.

Not only “”, but you can also type “” and “” to open Google Doc. Similarly, if you want to use other services like Slides, Sheets, and Forms, you can type “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”,  “” and “” to open Google’s services accordingly.

(Don’t type in the “www” — just the domain.)

If you are working with Google Docs on a regular basis, this .new domain name can help you a lot and save your time throughout the day. You can also bookmark it to open your desired document in just a click and save time a little more.

This is all possible because Google owns the .new domain, which allows it to create whatever subdomains it wants on the site.

After Google twitted the news on Thursday, users were so excited about the new trick that they started requesting on twitter for other domains, too. Some of them asked for an

Although Google didn’t respond to those requests, it wouldn’t be surprising if the domain was used in other ways across its apps in the future.

What will happen when you open these .new domains

when you type the above address in your browser, you will ultimately open a word processor which is Google Doc where you can make any document online and save it online or offline.

you can do all the same formatting as you would do in a word processor like Microsoft Word.

You can save it to Google Drive or to your local disk.

When you open the above address you will have the following page opened for you to make your document.

You may be knowing what Microsoft Powerpoint is. It is a presentation making software available for offline use for creating a presentation.

It is required to be installed in your system. But when you type in your browser, it will open a PowerPoint format presentation slides using which you can create creative slides for your presentation.

You can save it to the Google drive or to your local disk.

You will have almost all the features in Google slides that you would get in any other presentation making software. You will have the following look when you open it in your browser.

It is an excel sheet available for online entering data in an excel sheet. It is also offered by Google.

If you haven’t installed Microsoft Excel in your system, then you can always use it without installing any software.

You will have the following look when you open it in your browser.

You can explore the other available options like,, and to have your own experience.

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