How to Create An Android App Without Coding Using AppyPie

How to Create An Android App Without Coding Using AppyPie
Want to build a smartphone app whether in android or ios platform?. Don’t worry there are some of the websites that allow you to create an android app without coding. 

Today we will go through a detailed procedure to create an android app. I will make an app of myself named Kumar Janglu and we will learn through the app building process. Let’s enjoy creating an android app without coding using AppyPie.

You can also make such android apps without coding using another no-code app development platform named AppsGeyser. click to read the article.
Before you really learn how to create an android app without coding let’s have a quick description of what AppyPie is and what its features are.



AppyPie is an online app making tool, which provides the best and easy to use online feature to build an app in both the platform like Android and iOS. 

Its creation tool is enough for creating mobile apps that can be simple and fast with a unique experience. It is one of a popular choice for various android developers in the world. 

It offers both paid and free plans to create apps. Free features are for making basic and simple apps but paid features to give you to take the advantages of rich features and allows you to build high-quality native android and ios apps.
AppyPie contains unique features and has competitive analytical capabilities. Features like add push notifications in apps, in-app purchases, connection with the database and other important features for creating a business app.

How to create an android app without coding using AppyPie

I think we have learned so many things about AppyPie for now. Just joking. So now let’s concentrate on building an app without coding. open your browser and open The home page of Appypie is very interesting to look.
Click on Get started to start creating an app.
At the very first step, you have to enter the name of your app. I am entering here Kumar Janglu. Enter a name that is most relevant to your business. However, you can change it later. 

After entering the name, click on Next button to proceed forward.
In the next step, you will be given some categories of your app. Choose the categories of your app that you are creating. 

I have here chosen the Business category.
There are many categories like Business, Photography, Education, Entertainment, information, online business, health, restaurant and many more.

Just choose the category and click on Next button.
The next step will show you and let you select the Design of your app. There are many predefined layouts that you can choose from. 

Select your preferred one and click on Next.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
Choose your app Design/Layout
By default, the app that you are creating will contain some pages like About us, website, one touch, enquire and contact. However, you can keep them or remove them as per your wish. 

You can also add some other features to your app. Appypie offers you a large list with different categories of features to the app. This makes Appypie unique from others. Different categories of features are shown below.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
My Features
·       Chat
·         Chatbot
·         Dating
·         Donate
·         Events
·         Facebook
·         Folder
·         Foursquare
·         Google+
·         Linkedin
·         Photos
·         Poll
·         Quiz
·         Share
·         Share your app
·         Sheets
·         Social network
·         Todo list
·         Twitter


How to Create An Android App Without Coding
·       Audio
·         Flash card
·         Folder
·         Pocket tools
·         Quote
·         Video


·       About us
·         Contact
·         Folder
·         Form builder
·         Map
·         One touch
·         Scheduling
·         Testimonials
·         Text page

How to Create An Android App Without Coding


·       Coupons
·         Coupon directory
·         E-commerce
·         Folder
·         Hyperlocal
·         Iap
·         Loyalty card
·         Members card
·         Review
·         Room reservation
·         Store


·       Blog
·         Cms
·         Code page
·         CRM
·         Db
·         Deeplink
·         Directory
·         Document
·         E-reader
·         Editor page
·         Education
·         Fitness
·         Folder
·         Forum
·         News
·         Qr code
·         Real estate
·         Religious
·         RSS
·         Survey
·         Website

How to Create An Android App Without Coding


·       Augmented reality
·         Dine in
·         Foodcourt
·         Messenger
·         Taxi service
After a brief description of what features you can add to your app, now let’s go to the system pages like login, menu, alert, disclaimer, rate, and share features.


When you click on Login in the system pages option which is just below the features, you have its contents like a sign in, sign up now, forgot password and payment settings which are self-explanatory features.
How to Create An Android App Without CodingHow to Create An Android App Without Coding
Users who will use your app will give their credential like email, phone, password etc to sign in.
In this sign in section, there is an advanced setting where you can add a feature that will allow users of your app to sign up through facebook login credential.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
You can also fully customize the sign-up page and allow your app users to provide their credentials to open an account in your app. You can add your terms of use, privacy policy and cookies info for the app in this section.
Now come the Page style and color scheme which you can use to change the appearance of the text fields in your app as has been shown below. In its advanced setting complete customization of colors of the text field, button and background are given in order to enrich the overall look of your app.
You can also change the heading font, content font, button font, content size, and button text size etc.


In the menu option which can be seen as three dots in the top right corner of your app will contain the following content which you can edit.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding


Alert is a vast list of messages that will show the user of the app when they are using it depending upon the situation. 

For example when the user wants to delete his account, then an alert will show “Are you sure want to delete your account”. You can modify all the messages and allow users to see what you want to show.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding


You can add your disclaimer content in the text box and edit the accept button as shown below.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding

Rate and Share

In order to get the feedback and popularize your app through rating and sharing, adding both the button is a good choice. You can add it in this section. In the advanced setting, you can turn the feature on or off as shown below.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
I think we have added great features to our app so far. Before you say it’s enough I would like to add some other design customization which you may like to add to your app. Let’s have a look at it.
To the right side of my features, there is a tab of design customization. Here you can add a logo to your app, add backgrounds or choose splash.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
You can also choose your layout here. But we have taken the layout for our app before.
At last, there are some options which are for header, layout, and page. Here we can have full control over the customization of text, its color, font, size, background, header icon color, animation on pages of the app, content size, primary button, secondary button and many more.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
After you have done all your desired customization for your new app, now click on save & continue to proceed forward. You can also see the preview of your app on the right side of the browser.
After you save, it will ask you for payment whose plan is shown below, but you can choose the free version. Choose the free version for now if you want to test our app.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
Now login to your account. If you don’t have an account you can sign up with google or facebook. After you sign in, the app building process will start and after it finished, you can use it.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
It will take time depending upon the features that you have added to your app. Just keep patience and you will be notified once it finished. Choose that option from below. 

After it finishes building the app you can install it in your android phone and can say your friends that you have built an android app without coding. many companies have built their app by using AppyPie and they are very successful.
How to Create An Android App Without Coding
Hope you like the post of how to create an android app without coding experience. If you have any suggestion or advice, please comment below.