Create and maintain your own website easily with these Content Management Services.

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

According to statistics, the number of internet users is more than 4.1 Billion as in December 2018 and with this data, you can imagine how big the world of internet has become. If something you have created online i.e. your online business or online service has some recognition on the internet, then you can get a massive amount of opportunity to build and grow your brand.

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

You can have your presence on the internet by creating your own website and providing some service that will give some value to the visitors coming to your site.

Creating your own website in order to integrate your business with it is a great initiative in the age of digitalization. You can avail many benefits when you bring your business to the internet platform where your business become more open and accessible for those who are actually not nearer and can be your valuable client in the future. You may be wondering where and how to create a website for free and maintain it with online platforms in order to smooth running of your business through your website.

CMSs are great platforms on the internet that provide you basic to the advanced level tools for the management of the website and its content. When you don’t use any CSM, then only you and your ability of coding for your website, along with your team, will be beneficial for the management of the website. You have to code every time when you want to change something on the website.

But with CMSs, you can manage your website more easily as they provide you the prewritten code in the form of plugins to enhance the functionality in your website and enrich the overall experience of the website which in turn increases the user engagement on it. You don’t need to bother about hiring a web developer even if you are going to create a full-fledged e-commerce website. Everything can be done by yourself irrespective of your coding knowledge.

Here in this article, we will give you some of the best online platforms as you know CMS or Content Management Service which provide you their free service to manage and maintain your website content with ease.

We’ll list many of the CMSs, but in the end, everyone has to choose one for his or her website depending upon the requirement and choice. You can choose and implement one of the following CMSs based on some of the factors related to them and they are listed below.

Factors before choosing a CSM

The main motive of choosing any CSM for creating your own website for free is to create and maintain that website with ease. If you find any problem regarding the website, the CSM should able to find the solution with its tools. Hence there are mainly three factors that you can keep in mind while choosing a CMS and they are:

Plugins & Themes Support

Plugins are the simple tools written in codes that can be installed in CMSs in order to add more functionality to your website. For example, if you want to add a contact form to your website sidebar to let viewers or clients can contact you, you can simply install a plugin related to contact form and add the functionality of the form in your website without writing a complete code for that.

The codes are already written in the plugins and when you install the plugin, it automatically adds the codes to your website.

Another important thing is the Theme support of the CMS. Themes are great for the overall user experience of your website. A website with a great theme will have a great impact on the viewer’s surfing your website. Hence before choosing any CMS, make sure it supports the installation of different themes. You should also keep in mind that whenever you want to change the theme, your website experience should not be hampered.

User Interface

It is the interface available in the CMS to maintain your website. If you find the CMS’s interface difficult to understand, then how can you manage your website. Think about it?

If you choose a CMS which has a simple interface covering all the elements required for your website maintenance, then you don’t waste your time understanding the CMS and give your valuable time for the betterment of your website.


The CMS providing all the features of customizing your site will be better than any other CMSs. It all depends on your desired level of customization. You will learn many things while going through the process of maintaining your website using CMSs.

Now, we’ll directly come to the lists of popular CMSs or you can call them the tools for website creation and maintenance.

Note: This list should not be considered as the ranking of these website creation tools. CMSs are more or less different or same depending upon the availability of features in them. Choose them according to your website needs.

1. WordPress

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

Data shows that WordPress powers 30% of the websites all over the internet and it is one of the most popularly used website creation tools available on the internet. With the help of this, you can create any sort of website starting from a simple static blog to even dynamic and multi-purpose e-commerce website that will be of very much profitable for you.

The user interface of WordPress is very simple and user-friendly providing a vast amount of features and tools with its plugins.

Now a day many of the websites are relying on the WordPress for their website management. The developer community of WordPress is regularly working for security fixes with frequent updates in WordPress. This website of Kumar Janglu also relying on WordPress and you can create even more advanced website using WordPress.

If you want to go to a more advanced level, then you can choose WordPress VIP which is said to be the fastest, secure and totally hassles free CMS along with its hosting service. You can get more information about WordPress VIP from other sources and also from the official website of WordPress.


  • WordPress has a huge repository of free as well as paid Theme and Plugin
  • The interface of WordPress is very user-friendly yet very effective
  • You don’t have to worry about the security factor because the developer community is working for regular updates for various security fixes.
  • The level of customization in WordPress is very high
  • SEO is the most important aspect for your website if you want organic traffic to your website. WordPress gives you the full control and overview of the SEO of your website and its pages.
  • It is said to be one of the most multipurpose web creation tools available on the internet.


Besides having a big list of advantages, WordPress also has some lacking in it which you can ignore depending upon your website needs, and they are

  • If you want to choose your own website template, then it can be a tough job for you to implement it on WordPress. Hence custom template or theme of website implementation is very difficult.
  • Most of the time (not always) you may find issues of getting supported plugin with a higher version of WordPress installed.

WordPress is one of the commonly used website creation tools and this can be advisable to anyone wanting to create his or her own website for free and manage them without any hassle.

2. Drupal

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

Drupal is one of the best open-source website creation tools which is popular for its great ability for the creation of a website for enterprise. It is a little bit difficult and hence you need to do some homework of reading the documentation before starting to use drupal.

Drupal is more or less similar to WordPress if we consider the features of Plugins. It facilitates user to add and install plugins to enhance the functionality in the website. Though you can’t find such a huge repository of plugins in Drupal as in WordPress, yet you can have a sufficient number of plugins that will be beneficial for your website.

If you want to make a website for e-commerce then you may be adviced by a lot of the web developers to use Drupal to manage your content and use it as a website creation tools for your website.


  • It is one of the CMSs which is highly extensible.
  • Like WordPress and Ghost, you can get regular updates of Drupal for security and other bugs fixes.
  • Most suitable for e-commerce website and portal. If you are going to create an e-commerce portal, then Drupal can be a good choice.
  • It is a multipurpose website creation tool.


  • A word of caution, if you want to build a website for blog or any other publication, then it is not recommended.

3. Joomla

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

Joomla is one of the good website creation tools or CMSs if you want to create websites like a blog or any other portfolio website. It is not recommended if you want to build an e-commerce website. As we have seen e-commerce websites creation is best suitable when you are relying on Drupal.

However, if you want to different interesting features to your website, then you can choose Joomla. Though the user interface and experience of Joomla is a bit impressive, yet you may find difficulty while using it.


  • One thing that is going to impress you in Joomla is its User interface. You will love it.
  • You can customize your website to a great extent in Joomla.
  • Like any other website creation tools, it offers regular updates on its service.
  • It is also a multi-purpose content management service.


  • Flexibility level is not so much justifiable as compared to that of WordPress.

4. Ghost

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

Ghost is another open-source website creation tools or simply CMSs that allows you to manage the content of your website. It is a very simple alternative to the most popular WordPress. It has some sort of charge for money, but you can still choose the free trial version for 14 days and test it out.

You can prefer Ghost if your website is like a publication of Blog, Magazine and other journal websites. If you want to focus only on the website structure and SEO of your website, then Ghost can be a good choice.

Ghost provides you the ability to host your website on your own Linux server or on their server. If you choose their server, then you need not worry about security. The Ghost team will take care of the security concern and you just engage your time on content creation rather than wasting your time on managing all other stuff.


  • Simplicity is the key feature of the Ghost website creation tool.
  • Though it provides simplicity, yet it offers the modern user interface for your website to stand out in the crowd of websites.
  • Like WordPress, Ghost provides regular updates for security fixes. So you need not worry about the security matter of your website.


  • You cannot extend the functionality of your website much further with the limited features of Ghost i.e. it is not much extensible.
  • The level of customization is less as compared to WordPress.
  • Ghost is only suitable for professional publication and you won’t get much benefit from that.

5. Jekyll

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

Jekyll is not for you if you want to create a dynamic content website. It is more suitable for static website creation. You can create a simple blog or portfolio website using some Github pages or your own text when using Jekyll. It is said to be a static website generator.

The main purpose of Jekyll is to create your text to a static website that you can use to get a presence of that text on the internet.


  • The advantage of Jekyll is that you can create free static websites with Github pages.
  • It is a good choice if your main motive is to create a simple and static website of your text.
  • You will get regular updates on the features of Jekyll


  • It lacks the ability of extension and customization.
  • Using Jekyll is not an easy job.

6. TYPO3

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

On the off chance that you don’t need present-day UI components on your site – TYPO3 – is an extraordinary open source CMS. It offers a simple to-utilize interface and is superbly advanced to make and manage an exciting landing page for the enterprise.

I wouldn’t suggest this for bloggers. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are putting a site page about your business and you don’t have to keep up it frequently, TYPO3 is a perfect decision.


  • TYPO3 is one of the easiest website creation tools.
  • Like any other CMSs, you will get regular updates for security and bug fixes.


  • You won’t get a lot of features to add more functionality to your website.
  • The modern user interface for many websites is not supported in TYPO3.

7. Microweber

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

In the event that you are looking for something extremely simple and that gives you a chance to deal with your content of the website and manage them in a matter of moments, Microweber unquestionably is the decision to go with.

Using Microweber, you can also add e-commerce features to your website with the limited set of features available on this website creation tool.

Though it doesn’t have a huge repository of resources like themes and templates for your websites, yet you can find much high-level design in the templates available in Microweber.


  • You can use Microweber as one of the multi-purpose website creation tools.
  • It is very easy to use CMS.


  • The disadvantage of the Microweber is that it doesn’t provide regular updates for security fixes. Hence you may have to put your website against security issues when using Microweber.

8. Magento

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

Magento is a well known open source CMS custom fitted for web-based business organizations creating an e-commerce website for their business. Besides having free features, it also offers paid or premium version so as to open all the top-notch highlights of Magento.

In any case, the open-source or free version is allowed to utilize and furthermore houses a ton of fundamental functionalities as required for a web blog or an online business website.


  • If your aim is to create an e-commerce website for your business, then you can choose it keeping in mind other CMSs like Drupal and WordPress.
  • You will get the regular updates for the security fixes.


  • The main disadvantage is that you need to buy the license of the premium version in order to unlock most of the features of Magento.

9. PyroCMS

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

PyroCMS is a genuinely new CMS that has been advancing since 2015. It plans to make the site creation process much quicker and less complex. With an assortment of modules, you can add more functionalities to your site.

PyroCMS isn’t a suggestion in the event when you want to create a good and dynamic blog website. In this way, on the off chance that you need a basic yet exquisite blog – without any designs to add propelled functionalities to the webpage – PyroCMS is the best approach.


  • PyroCMS’s motive is to focus more on simplicity for creating a website quickly with less complexity.
  • It has a very good user interface.
  • It provides you with regular security fixes updates.


  • It is not so much extensible or customizable as compared to other popularly used CMSs.

10. SilverStripe

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

SilverStripe is a website creation tool that you can use in a good way if you have some experience in coding to add functionality to your website. It is also another website generator like Jekyll.


  • It is one of the Old-school website generators


  • It lacks a good level of customization and extension while website creation and management.
  • You cannot rely on the security updates of SilverStripe.

11. Zenario

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

Zenario is an intriguing open-source CMS which you most likely never knew about. It is exceptionally basic and yet very interesting and innovative website creation tools to manage the content of your website.


  • It offers an advanced and innovative framework.


  • It lacks the level of customization and extension.
  • Though it offers an advanced level of features, it is not an all in one website creation tools or CMSs.

12. Fork

How to Create a Website for Free with Free CMSs

The fork is one more fundamental CMS with two or three helpful expansions accessible. It has been around since 2010 is as yet being effectively kept up. Along these lines, in the event that you need a simple CMS combined with a couple of helpful expansions/subjects – Fork ought to be the correct one to set up.


  • It has a got an easy to use and without any hassle user interface.
  • Like other CMSs, it also provides regular security fixes updates.


  • You can’t find many themes, templates or any other customization for your website in the market place of the Fork.


you came across various website creation tools both paid and free with this article and it completely depends on you which CMS you are going to use depending upon your website need to create a website for free and manage the content of it.

In the event that you want to create a dynamic and good website for your business, then I would suggest you choose a multi-purpose CMS like WordPress or Drupal and others. If your motive is to create a simple static website that doesn’t often change, then going for the specific CMS would be better for you.

If you find something interesting in this article, then you can say that in the comment section. If you have any suggestion, then let us know in the comment section. Your comment and suggestion are very much valuable for the viewers as well as for us to stay updated.

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