How to Change or Update Network Connections of Epson L3150 Printer

In this article, we’ll see how you can change or update the Network connections settings for the Epson L3150 printer so that it can connect to different networks for your wireless printing purpose. This procedure for the settings may be applicable for other Epson printer of this series.

How to Change or Update Network Connections of Epson L3150 Printer

We can do this settings in various ways, and will be discussing them here.

Accessing the Web Config Utility

You can select your printer’s network settings and confirm its operating status using a web browser. You can do this by accessing your product’s built-in Web Config Utility from a computer or other device that is connected to the same network as your product.

You can follow the procedure below:

  • Print a Network status sheet. If you want to know how you can print a Network status sheet, then you can go to that link.
  • Locate the IP address for your printer that is listed on the network status sheet.
  • Now, open a web browser on the computer or other device connected to the same network as your printer.
  • Enter the printer’s IP address into the address bar.
  • This will open the Web Config utility where you can change your network settings for the printer.

Changing a USB Connection to a Wi-Fi Connection

As a convention, if you have already connected your printer to the computer using a USB connection, you can always change it to a Wi-Fi connection. To do so, follow the procedure below:

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer.
  • Uninstall the product software from the computer where you have installed the printer.
  • Now, download and install your printer software from the Epson website to make a Wi-Fi connection to your printer.

Connecting to a New Wi-Fi Router

If you ever change the wireless router that you have been using on your network, then you need to update your printer’s Wi-Fi connection to that new router.

You can do that by uninstalling your printer software from the computer then downloading and installing the software again from the Epson website

Disabling Wi-Fi Features

When you change your network connection type or you need to solve a problem with your network connection, then you may need to disable the printer’s Wi-Fi features.

But before disabling the Wi-Fi features, you need to make a note of your printer’s SSID i.e. network name, and password and any network settings selected for the the Epson Connect services you may use. These settings will be reset to their default values after you disable the Wi-Fi features.

To disable Wi-Fi feature, you can do the following:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Hold down the Network status button and press the power button until both the Wi-Fi light flash alternately. Then release both buttons.
  • When both the Wi-Fi lights turns off, then you may be sure that Wi-Fi is disabled.