How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

No need to bother about the brightness of the screen, just add this google chrome extension to your browser and browse any website in dark mode.

How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

With the advancement in the internet, we all are using it for a bigger part of our day. Most of the time we are doing something sitting in front of a screen surfing internet.

Although the use of internet is giving us so much of information that is very much important for us, it is also giving us some sort of health related issue.

Sitting and watching a screen, be it computer screen , laptop screen, tablet screen or mobile phone screen, can be very much detrimental for our health.

The light coming from those screen are actually affecting our eyes. we can decrease the brightness of the screen, but that is not so efficient when we are surfing internet at night.

Most of us are a sort of night’s owl. We are more active on the social media during night. We have a control over the level of brightness in the screen, but after a while that level of brightness also tends to be brighter.

Hence, we need a simple solution to this problem of the bright screen. We can’t leave surfing internet for now, but we can take measures in order to keep us healthy.

I have found an app that you can add to your browser and its name is Dark Reader.

What is Dark Reader and How to add it to Chrome

Dark Reader is one of the Google Chrome extensions which helps you to browse the internet without compromising your eye health by converting all the websites that you visit into dark mode.

You can easily add it to your chrome browser from Chrome Web Store. Just go to the store and search Dark Reader, and you will find it. Click on Add to Chrome to add it.

How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

After it has been added to chrome, you can see it on right of the address bar with other google chrome extensions.

How to use Dark Reader

Dark Reader comes with many options that you can use in order to use it to the fullest.

The first option, when you click on the extension icon on the address bar, is the option to turn it On or Off. It as simple as turning on or off any light in our room. It also provides you the keyboard shortcut (Alt+Shift+D) in order to directly go into a dark mode in any website without clicking the extension icon. you can also go back to the light mode by pressing the same keyboard shortcut again. This can also be done by clicking on the extension icon.

How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

Besides the simple On/Off switch, we also have some filters using which, the color and brightness tone of the screen can be adjusted.

When you turn on the dark mode, it will automatically make the screen dark with its preset values. But you can always adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, and Greyscale depending upon your choice.

How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

The Dark Reader google chrome extension gives you the flexibility in options to set these adjustments for specific websites. When “Only for” under the adjustment bar is selected, the website will open with the adjusted dark mode as you can see below.

In the second tab, i.e. Site List, you can actually add the list of websites whom you want to visit with the dark mode or without dark mode. Looks interesting, doesn’t it?

In this tab, you will again have two tabs namely Invert Listed Only and Not Invert Listed.

How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

As the name signifies when you add any website to Invert listed only list, it will open with dark mode and when you add that website to Not Invert Listed, the website will open in as usual manner i.e. in light mode.

Invert Listed Only contains the list of website which will be opened by the browser in dark mode and Not Invert Listed contains the list of all those websites which will be opened in light mode.

The third tab i.e. More contains something more to add to this extension. Here you can change the font of the website.

Besides that, you will also have four theme option for dark mode already presets in the Dark Reader namely Filter, Filter+, Static, and Dynamic. All four are good for their performance but Dynamic adjust with the actual color and tone corresponding to the light theme and gives you the best result.

How to Browse any Website in Dark Mode

You can always have the option of applying your current setting to the website you are currently surfing. You and add the list whom you want to visit in light mode or dark mode. You will have the flexibility to experiment with the option in this google chrome extension.


Surfing internet for gaining knowledge is good, but it should not be done compromising your eye health. So, in order to boost your productivity, this type of app is suggested for them who are sitting infront of computer screen more time than others.

If you know any other google chrome extensions or app that facilitates dark mode browsing, then you can suggest us in the comment section. This will help others.

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