How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Microsoft Word

Check spelling and grammar in microsoft word

Check for the spelling and grammar errors in your document when using Microsoft Word.

With the increasing demand for digital content, we often make errors in the form of spelling or grammar while typing a huge document in any word processor like Microsoft Word.

The most popular word processor is Microsoft Word and we all use it to create any document.

While most of the time minor spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes are automatically corrected by word, we need to check manually for spelling and grammar errors in our document in order to make it error-proof.

There are various ways that we can use to check spelling and grammar in Word. So for the sake of convenience, let’s discuss one by one.

How to Check Spelling and Grammar

We can check and correct any errors in two ways. In the first method, we need not go to the menu bar, and in the second method, we have to go to the actual spelling and grammar option contained in the menu bar of Microsoft Word.

The second method provides more flexibility as we can have other options rather than just the suggestions for the correction.

So let’s see the first one.

In-line spelling check

When you are writing something in Microsoft word and made a mistake in the spelling of a word, then that word will be red color underlined (you know that) as you can see in the picture below.

check spelling and grammar microsoft word office

So in order to quickly rectify this error you need to right-click on the word and select the suggestion correction word as you can see below.

How to Check Spelling and Grammar in Microsoft Word

This is the simplest method of correcting any spelling error during typing or after typing.

In-line Grammar Check

This method is the same as that of spelling check where you need to right click on words or phrases where it indicated as a grammatical error.

I forgot to say that the grammatical errors are shown by green color underline under the words or phrase as you can see below.

check spelling and grammar microsoft word office

If you want to correct it quickly, just right click on it and select the suggested correction to correct it.

check spelling and grammar microsoft word office

After the in-line spelling and grammar check in Word, now let’s move on to the manually check spelling and grammar errors which gives us more flexibility and options that we are going to discuss.

Manually Spelling Check

When you go the options in menu Bar> Review> Spelling & Grammar, you will see the following windows containing all your spelling errors.

This window provides different options like the Ignore Once, Ignore All, Add to Dictionary, Change, Change All and AutoCorrect.

I think we should take a look at these options briefly.

  • Ignore Once: if you choose to ignore once for a spelling or any grammatical error, then it ignores that error for that word for the document being opened i.e. when you open the document again it will show that error indication again.
check spelling and grammar microsoft word office
  • Ignore all: it is the same as above. The only difference is that it will ignore all the errors contained in the document for the document being opened.
check spelling and grammar microsoft word office
  • Add to Dictionary: not all the words are contained in Dictionary, for example, the names are not included in the dictionary.
check spelling and grammar microsoft word office

So when you enter a name, it will show you the spelling error. So you need to add that word to the custom dictionary of Word in order to not to show any error when you type that name.

So when you want to add any word that is not included in Word dictionary, you can add that by clicking Add to Dictionary.

  • Change: this option allows you to correct the errors by selecting the suggestions given for the correction. This option is only applicable to a single word.
check spelling and grammar microsoft word office
  • Change All: it allows you to change all the words with the same spelling with the selected word from the suggestion list.
  • AutoCorrect: it is the option that automatically corrects all the errors by its own calculation of spelling and grammar.

Hence as per your requirement, select the desired options to correct the spelling errors in your document manually.

Manually grammar check

The process is the same as we did for the spelling error case.

Go to Review> Spelling & Grammar. Then it will show you all the errors in grammar one by one with a green underline under the words or phrase.

Select the correct grammar from the suggestions list and click on change to make it error-free.

The Spelling and Grammar option in Microsoft word is an inbuilt feature provided by Microsoft. It is a very robust feature that allows us to check for errors in the document.

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