Google Photos can now recognize text in photos

And of course, let you copy and paste.

Google photos lens optical character recognition

Google Photos replied and made an announcement after a tweet from @hunterwalk when he spotted a new feature which is about to start and is under testing in Google Photos. This new feature includes the ability of OCR to Google’s Photo app with advanced AI.

OCR, as the name suggests, is the Optical character Recognition, and with the OCR feature added to Google Photos, you can select and copy any text appeared on a photo and paste it anywhere. Isn’t it cool?

This cool feature will work when you have the updated version of the Photos app. If you have not updated it yet, then you can update the app and test the feature in your phone. You can do the following things to get this done.

  1. Open Google Photos app on your phone.
  2. Select any photos or screenshots which you think have some text that you want to copy and paste in another place.
  3. Now, tap on the Lens icon.
  4. Now you will be able to select the text appearing on the photo and can copy them.

This new feature uses the OCR system to recognize the text present on the photo and the copy/paste system has been constructed for the Google Photos app. Using this you can select any type of photos to be it normal photos, screenshots, any physical signs or documents.

Google is situating the Lens highlight as an approach to effectively catch a Wi-Fi password, however, it can likewise be utilized to snatch any segment of content from any photograph or screen capture in your Google Photos library on a case-by-case premise.

The great thing about it, however, is the capacity to scan for any bit of content of text without picking a photograph first. That recommends Google is performing OCR on your whole photograph gathering naturally.

Google Lens, which is the main AI camera feature in Google Photos, has the capacity to look the web for photographs of menu things, include contact data from a business card to your location book, and all way of other OCR-related stunts.

In any case, these new Photos highlights appear to be an all the more enormous scale organization of the AI strategy, done as such on a client’s whole library to make it accessible and to enable you to get that content of text out of photographs.