google maps driving techniques will save your time

Use this feature of Google Maps Directions and you will save a lot of time during driving.

This Google Maps Driving Directions tricks save your time

Most of the time, when we plan to go on a trip, we open Google Maps and set the destination to see the distance, and also the directions in order to reach there with the minimum time possible.

But, between your location and the destination, there may be more than one place where you need to stop and take diversion. Stopping there and again setting the location in your google maps and getting the location for the destination can be a frustrating task.

Hence, if you want to add all your stops while getting direction from your location to the destination, then you can do that with google maps. This will eventually save your time searching for the location again and again and getting direction.

This features will also give you the separate time interval of reaching between stops in between your location and destination. You can also get the distance between stop to stop without going back from navigation and getting the distance between the stops.

How to add Stops in Google Maps in a single Trip

To sets multiple stops in your google maps while driving to get directions, open Google Maps app in your phone.

Although you can add a maximum of 9 stops in between your location and destination, this is more than enough.

Search for the destination you want to get direction for and tap on Directions. I hope you have set the source location as your location.

You will get different directions with the shortest route selected by default with time it will take and total distance depending upon the vehicle in which you are going.

This Google Maps Driving Directions tricks save your time

Now, in order to add stops, tap on the three dots menu at the top right corner and select Add Stop. This will allow you to add another stop just like below.

This Google Maps Driving Directions tricks save your time

Enter your next stop. You can actually drag and drop the stops to adjust them depending upon your choice of going there.

This Google Maps Driving Directions tricks save your time

After you have set all stops, tap on Finished to get the final directions.

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