Account Switching Gesture on Google Drive for Android

Google drive account switching gesture and PDF form support

Google Drive for Android adds Account Switching gesture and PDF form support to its updated version.

Time to time, Google has updated its various apps on android to enhance the user experience and making the app easier and friendly to use. Recently Google has added a new feature in its Google Drive app using which you can switch to your another account logged in with some slide and gestures. you don’t need to tap on the profile and then some other menu to switch to your another account on Google drive.

Google drive account switching gesture and PDF form support

Google has already added this feature in its Maps app and finally, it adds this feature in Drive which will be more beneficial for almost every user since most of the users have added more than one account to their drive app. They have added different documents to their different accounts. Accessing those documents by switching to accounts will now be easier for them. I personally have added 5 accounts and choosing the account after tapping on the profile icon every time when I need to switch to another account is a bit irritating.

With this added feature, you simply have to swipe up (or down) on the profile icon to switch between different accounts. When you swipe up (or down) on the profile symbol, you’ll see a pleasant card liveliness while the records switch.

Another feature that has been added to the Google Drive app is the support of PDF form. As you know PDFs are the most difficult format of a document when considering the editing aspect using a mobile phone. You most likely made sense of that in the event that you’ve at any point been stuck a tough situation and expected to alter a PDF on your telephone.

Google drive account switching gesture and PDF form support
Via: XDADevelopers

Fortunately, Google Drive would now be able to round out organized PDF shapes legitimately in the Android application. You can finish content fields, select choices from a dropdown, select checkboxes, and select radio catches. Whenever completed, you can spare as a correction or a duplicate. To alter a PDF, basically, open it and tap the pencil symbol.

You can use the account switching gesture by installing the latest i.e. Google Drive v2.19.332 version and you can download that from the Play store here.