Google Discover Feed on US homepage

Google had announced on its 20th anniversary to add Google Discover feed to its homepage and now it started appearing in of US home page. When accessed from a mobile browser it appears like cards which contain information on news and various topics beneath the search box of Google in its homepage.

The cards are showing news but it can also show relevant topics that the user of the mobile interested in, ongoing or upcoming sports, weather reports, and the search history.

Google is known to be the simplest yet most versatile search engine in the world and this update in its homepage can be a significant change. Google is the most trafficked website in the world. Its core thing was its neat and clean homepage that attracted the user a lot.

As Google knows the significance of surfing information and trying to predict the information that the user wants to search for, the step towards Google discover feed is very much appreciable. Again Google has already added the feature of some of the information to appear on the home page of a new tab in its mobile Chrome browser.