Fun Google Easter Eggs

Fun Google Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are the hidden funny parts of the Google search engine. I have found some of them. so here is a list of Google Easter Eggs.

Fun Facts

when you want to know something interesting and funny just type in google search box “Fun Facts” or “I am feeling curious” and you will get a feature box that has an interesting fact consisting of 1-3 sentences and the website from where it was found. once you read that you can click “Ask another question” to get another fact on your screen. you can also share this fact by clicking the share button on the top right corner of the feature box.

Animal Sounds

If you are curious about the sounds of different animals, just type “what sound does a dog make” to listen to the sound of a dog bark. you can replace the dog with another animal name. after you click the search button you will see different animals and can listen to their sound.

Breathing exercise

Are you feeling tired or stressed. Google search feature can relax you. Just search “Breathing exercise” and a feature box will be displayed which will guide you to one-minute breathing exercise. just follow the steps.

Flip a coin

when you want to make a decision by flipping a coin but you don’t one right now, no need to worry, just search “Flip a coin” and google search will show you a coin with heads and tails. you can flip it as many time as you can.

Google Birthday surprise spinner

In google’s 19th birthday it was shown for the first time. when you search “Google birthday surprise spinner” it will show a spinner with many tools that can be selected and viewed. you can also spin it again and again.


Do you know what metronome is? It is a device that produces an audible click or other sounds at a regular interval that can be set by the user. so you can have a metronome online. just type and search “metronome” and have one. you can also set its BPM.


feeling bored and want to play a game quickly? I think you like to play Minesweeper game. search “minesweeper” and google search will show you a feature box with a minesweeper game. you can choose from the easy, medium and hard mode of the game.

Pac man

Again minesweeper made you bored, don’t worry. Pac man is another interesting game that you can play by searching “Pac man” in the google search box and it will let you play quickly.

Random number generator

Let’s generate a random number. type “random number generator” or “rng” and you will be showed a feature box where you can set the minimum and maximum value and click generate to get a random number within set limits.


you want to choose a color and require a color picker. just type and search ”RGB to hex”

Roll a die

want to play the dice game but you are missing the die, don’t worry, google gas the one for you. just search “Roll a Die” and Google search will show you a feature box with a die to roll as many time as you want.


Search “solitaire” and play a game online on the google search.

Play dreidel

To spin a dreidel, search “play dreidel” and keep on spinning


want to spin a fidget spinner and you don’t have one right now. Google has one for you. search “spinner” and a feature box will appear with a fidget spinner. you can spin it as many time as you want. you can also change the spinner to the number and you will have a number plate to spin.

Stopwatch and Timer

To get a quick stopwatch or time just search “stopwatch” or “timer” and get one.

Tic Tac Toe

Have you ever played tic tac toe game? let’s play right now. search “tic tac toe” and start playing with an online opponent.

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