How to Find Similar Websites for a Topic

Now you can find similar websites for any other websites which are surfing right now.

How to Find Similar Websites for a Topic

Sometimes you search for many websites for a particular topic. Take for example, Food and diet. You search for healthy food and diet and found a website and enjoyed reading the content.

Now you want to read other websites similar to the previous site containing food and diet related content.

In order to get different websites, you need to go back to the Google search result page and choose other results. But there is another effective way to do the task.

Chrome web store contains many useful google chrome extensions and one of them which helps you to find similar websites to the page you are currently browsing, is Google Similar Pages.

Google Similar Pages is an extension to chrome developed by Google itself helps you find webpages of your interest. So let’s know about it.

Adding Google Similar Pages to Chrome

In order to add this extension, just go the Chrome Web store. You can click here to go directly to the download page.

Click on Add to Chrome to add this to your chrome browser. It will take some time and automatically get installed after its formality of checking your browser.

How to Find Similar Websites for a Topic

After it gets added, you can see the icon on the address bar along with other google chrome extensions.

How to use Google Similar Pages

The use of this extension is very easy. Whenever you are browsing any website and feel like visiting other website with similar content, then you can do that without living that particular website.

You can even do without even going back to google search page, and search for your topic.

How to Find Similar Websites for a Topic

Click on the Extension icon and a list of website with similar content will be there for you as has been shown below.

You can directly go to those pages from the link provided there.


There are many google chrome extensions which do a little work for us but they are very helpful and save our time.

Google Similar Pages does saves our time by listing the websites of our interest.

If you have found any other app which is useful, then you can share it here.

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