Epson LQ 310 , LQ 1310 Control Panel Description

In this article, you will be provided with a description of Epson LQ 310 and the LQ 1310 Control Panel. Before that Let’s have an illustrative picture of the Control panel. This picture is self-explanatory.

Epson LQ 310 , LQ 1310 Control Panel Description

As you can see from the above picture, there are 4 Switches and 5 LEDs for their respective functionality. We’ll discover each of them in the following section.

Font Selection Light

In the Control panel, there are actually different viewing options for different Fonts selected as On or Off. You can see the following image to get a clear picture of this.

Epson LQ 310 , LQ 1310 Control Panel Description

LF/FF Button

This button is used for the following purposes:

  • Feeds paper line by line when pressed and released.
  • Ejects a single sheet or advances continuous paper to the next top-of-form position when held down.

Load or Eject Button

This button does the following when pressed.

  • Loads a single sheet of paper.
  • Eject a single sheet of paper if the paper is loaded.
  • Loads continuous paper from the standby position.
  • Feeds continuous paper backwards to the standby position.

Pause Button

  • Stops printing temporarily, and resumes printing and when pressed again. When pressed for 3 seconds, turns on the Micro Adjust mode. To turn off, press again.

Paper Out Light

This light will be turned on when there are some of the cases in your printer which are listed here.

  • On when no paper is loaded in the selected paper source or when the paper is not loaded correctly.
  • Flashes when the paper has not been fully ejected or a paper jam has occurred.
  • Flashes for 3 seconds along with the Pause light when the lockout mode is turned on.

Pause Light

This light will be come into action when some the case below occurred.

  • On when the printer is paused.
  • Flashes when the printer is in the Micro Adjust Mode.
  • Flashes when the print head has overheated.
  • Flashes for 3 seconds along with the Paper Out Light when the lockout mode is turned on.
  • Only this light is on in Sleep Mode. All other lights are off.

Tear Off

  • Advanced continuous paper to the Tear-off position.
  • Selects fonts when this function is enabled.

These are some of the buttons and lights that helps you in your printing activity.

Hope this article is useful to you.