google squoosh web app that lets you compress image without compromising the quality in the image
Google Squoosh web app lets you downsize the image without compromising quality

Now compress image without compromising its quality with Google Squoosh web app

Tired of uploading high-quality images to your website? Is your site loading slower and slower as you are uploading high-quality images in order to get a professional and creative look of your website? Definitely you want your site to look amazing with the high-quality pictures that you upload, but they are large in size and you want a resize for your photos to down its size. You probably have found some of the online photo resizers and even tried it to downsize your photos, but in the end, you lose that amount of quality and fineness in your photos. Google has found a new solution for your particular problem. Now Google Squoosh web app can downsize, compress and reformat images with retaining its quality to some extent that can satisfy you than any other web app that you used to use. This web app will help a lot to web developers to easily optimize their web pages.

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Squoosh Supports a variety of web formats like MozJPEG and WebP and traditional ones like PNG. It allows you to quickly edit, resize, compress and reformate your photo and makes it ready for your web pages. I personally like its feature of giving a 1:1 visual comparison of the original image view and its compressed counterpart that will definitely help you to compare both the images and save it after considering the pros and cons of your downsized image. A slider in the middle of the image is given to slide and compare both the images.
Google Squoosh web app lets you downsize the image without compromising quality
 As you open in the browser, it at first open in an offline mode within the browser itself. You can drag and drop a photo a simply click select an image to upload. After the photo has been uploaded you have the main editing page. On the left side you have the original image preview with its setting and on the right side, you have the edited or compressed image preview. You can choose from setting at below to lower or higher the quality, choose the format of the image for your web pages, and many more setting, such as resize, reduce pellet and compress the image to different formats. In the advanced option you can have tools like subsample chroma, progressive rendering, smoothing, quantization, trellis quantization passes etc.. The basic settings are able to produce high quality compressed images and you don’t even need the advanced options.
Google Squoosh web app lets you downsize the image without compromising quality
After you are satisfied with the quality of the compressed image you can see the compressed size at the bottom and download it by clicking the download button.
The new web app from Google, i.e. is available in mobile phone from any browser, but it works fine in Chrome. If you are interested to know and learn the coding and design of squoosh app you can find the open source at GitHub.