How to Create a web app without coding Experience

How to Create a web app without coding Experience

You have a longing desire to create your own web application and run that on the internet but you have no coding experience. Here is a solution for that in Bubble. It lets you create a web app without coding experience.

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Now coming to the matter of web app, Bubble is a bootstrapped startup that has been powering many small companies to build their website by creating their web application on it. 

The companies are relying on it for creating the website with no coding experience. Unlike many startups, those have already tried of making coding as an easy task but with frustratingly limited functionality, bubble has the all the features of web programming in a graphical interface and is more powerful than any average website building service that makes it a suitable place for the beginner to create a web app without coding experience to a large extent. 

It also has the lessons that ensure any users to create it by understanding the workflow of their app.

After you open the website of Bubble and log into it using your credentials, it starts with a New App button. After clicking the button it takes you to a page where it asks for the name of the app. Just name it and click Create a new app.

If you are new to Bubble you can go through tutorial lessons. It provides two types of lessons, one is interactive lessons that let you understand the creation of different elements in your web app and the workflow and the action of different buttons that you may be using.

These lessons are of 10-15 minutes step by step guide with a graphical user interface. And the second type of lesson is videos. You can watch tutorial videos to learn how to create a web app without coding in Bubble.

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After you have learned your required thing from the tutorial now come back to creating your app. I think you have given a name to your app. After you click Create a new app it starts with a window of various options on the left side and a large white space or some default template in the middle section. On the left side, there are different tools for creating the app.

The tabs are Design, Workflow, Data, Styles, Plugins, Settings and Logs. These tabs are for their different work. All the design of your web app that you want to create can be created in this Design tab.

After the designing part, you can use the Workflow tab to set the workflow of the app. In this tab, you can create the actual logic behind your site and that is without coding. You can create blocks for chronological action and set some actions within each block.

You can store and manage the database in the Data tab i.e. you can interact with your database. For example, when you create a sign-up page and want your user to input their credential into it, it will store the data into the database. You can also import and export data.

In the Style tab, you can modify the view of the elements of the app like its appearance, colors, background style, word spacing, line spacing, letter spacing of content of the app, etc.

You can use different plugins by going to this tab and clicking on Add Plugins. Hundreds of plugins are there for their different purpose. For example, you can accept payment with Stripe, embed a TypeForm, use Intercom for customer support via chat, use Mixpanel, etc. 

The Bubble has a feature that lets you allow use Bubble data outside Bubble i.e. you can create an iPhone app or Android app that relies on Bubble database.

Setting tab lets you manage your domain and email, languages of the app, SEO and meta tags, etc. and in the logs tab, you can view the analytics of your created app.

After a short description of the different tab of Bubble, you can now start with the Design tab to start creating your web app without coding. In the Design tab, it offers many tools of visual elements such as text, button, icon, link, image, shape, alert, video, HTML, map, etc.

You can also input various elements such as input box, multiline input box, checkbox, dropdown menu, search box, radio buttons, slider input, date and time picker, picture uploader, file uploader and so on. 

All these options are very easy to use in Bubble to create a creative and amazing web app without coding. You can visit the website to look deep into those and create your own app or website.

After creating your app with all its workflow logic you can have a preview of that app by clicking the Preview button on the right top corner of the window.

Many companies that are using Bubble to build their website or web app are Plato, Qoins, Meetaway, dividend finance and so on. Dividend finance has raised $365 million and uses bubble. The Bubble also takes care of your hosting plan and if your app grows and you want more size in the hosting then you can pay for it.

Though Bubble is more than average website building service and has more functionality than others it is a small startup and it is growing. It can be scary for big customers to rely on Bubble. But Bubble has to be proactive and improve its functionality and limitations so that it can grow even more. The need of the hour for Bubble is to grow more than the expectation of the customers.

Now, what you think of Bubble? Is Bubble a good platform for those who want to know how to Create a Web App without coding? Are you using it? If you have found something more interesting platform than Bubble then let us know in the comment box….

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