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Basic Networking Concepts

modem vs router

What is the Difference between SSD and HDD with full Information

When you or someone wants to buy a new computer system, then there is always a...
conifiguring RIP with sdm

Configuring RIP with SDM – CCNA Course

RIP configuration using SDM are relatively similar and just as easy as configuring default and static routes....
routing and routing protocols

Introduction to Routing and Routing Protocols

We have delved into many configurations of our routers that cover the administrative aspects of managing the device...
host to host layer protocol

The Host-to-Host layer protocols – CCNA Course

The main purpose of the Host-to-Host layer protocols is to shield the upper layer applications from the...

IP Address Classes, Network Classes, Private IP – CCNA Course

This article will cover important topics like IP Address classes, Network classes, private IP, Broadcasting, etc.
ethernet gigabit networking

What is Ethernet Network, Gigabit Network? – CCNA Course

In this section of the CCNA course, we'll learn a detail explanation about Ethernet Network and Gigabit Network.

Foundation Cisco Configurations – CCNA Course

This article is interconnected with the Navigating Cisco IOS software. If you haven't read that yet,...

Sub Netting, variable length Subnet Masks (VLSMs)

In the previous articles, we have learned how to define and find the valid host ranges used...
route summerization in cisco networking

Route summarization in Cisco Networking

As already mentioned, classful routing protocols automatically summarized networks to the classful subnet boundaries. Classless routing protocols,...

Types of Ethernet Cable – CCNA Course

An Ethernet Cable is one of the commonly used network cables that connect hardware in the local...
basics of networking for beginners

Basics of Networking – For Beginners

Since from the childhood we used to hear that with teamwork every hard thing is possible. When...

TCP/IP Utilities Network Commands You Should Know

The TCP/IP utilities Network commands are very much useful in the field of computer networking in diagnosing problems and getting solutions.

What is INTERNETWORKING in Computer Network – CCNA COURSE

In this article, we will learn something basics about internetworking in the computer network.
distance vector routing protocol

Distance vector routing protocols

The preceding chapter looked at distance vector routing protocols from a sort of high altitude overview. This...
key concepts of host to host

Key Concepts of Host-to-Host Protocols – CCNA Course

In this article of Internet Layer, we'll see some of the key concepts of Host-to-Host Protocols under...
cisco internetworking operating system

Cisco Internetworking Operating system – CCNA Course

Cisco IOS software is developed and maintained by Cisco to support a full array of system...

Domain Name Specific Commands for Cisco Configuration

Quite often, you have to test connectivity or connect to a multitude of devices from your router or switch. Unless you...
osi reference model

What is OSI Model – CCNA Course

In this article of CCNA course, we'll have a brief introduction about the OSI Model and what are the layers that it...
eigrp configurations

EIGRP Configuration – CCNA Course

One of the greatest aspects of EIGRP is that you get all this advanced functionality with minimal...
configuring ospf with sdm

Configuring OSPF with SDM

With all these configurations we have learned in our previous article for OSPF we have encountered so...

The 7 Layers of the OSI Model explained – CCNA Course

We already have a brief introduction about the OSI model in the previous articles. We know that there are 7 layers of...
process or application layer protocol

The Process/Application Layer Protocols of DoD Model – CCNA Course

In this article, we’ll describe the different applications and services typically used in IP networks. The following protocols...
TCP IP or internet layer protocol

Introduction to TCP/IP and DoD Model of Internet Layer- CCNA Course

In this article, we will have a brief introduction to TCP/IP and DoD Model of Internet Layer.
balanced hybrid operations eigrp

Balanced Hybrid operations – CCNA Course

Balanced hybrid routing protocols are sometimes called advanced distance vector routing protocols. The rationale behind this logic...

Navigating the Cisco IOS – CCNA Course

By now, you have a new-found love and respect for your Cisco equipment after knowing all...
open shortest path first ccna course

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) – CCNA Course

The most widely used link-state routing protocols today is an IETF standard routing protocol called Open Short...
internet layer protocol

The Internet Layer Protocols – CCNA Course

In this article of CCNA course, we'll see what are the Internet Layer Protocols.

What is a Firewall for a Network – why necessary?

Firewall for a network and its type.In this article, we are going...
what is proxy server and what are its benefits

What is a proxy server & what are its benefits?

In this article, we’ll discuss what is a proxy server in networking and the benefits of using...
Dynamic routing protocols

Dynamic Routing Protocols – CCNA Course

When complex networks contain multiple interconnections, static routes are no longer a practical solution because they cannot...