Printer Epson PLQ 20, PLQ 30 Control Panel Description and...

Epson PLQ 20, PLQ 30 Control Panel Description and Basic things to do.


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In this article, you’ll be provided with the front control panel description of Epson PLQ series printers i.e. PLQ 20 and PLQ 30 and the basic printing activities that you can do using this control panel buttons.

epson plq 20 plq 30 printer control panel description and some of the basic things to do using them.

The above picture depicts buttons and the LEDs present in the control panel. The labels are self-explanatory. But below are some of the tasks that will be definitely needing during your course of printing. You can do these tasks by pressing buttons in the printer in various combinations.

  • Selftest: Press and hold F2 & Power Button. After the mode is entered press F1 & F2.
  • Default Settings: Press and Hold F1 & F2 and then power on. Select the desired settings by F1 or Offline. Set the value by pressing F2.
  • Bi-Di Adjustment: Press F2 and power on, after entering mode, press F1 for selection.
  • Top of Form Adjustment: Press and hold Offline, F2 & power on. After entering mode, press F1 to select.
Epson PLQ 20, PLQ 30 Control Panel Description and Basic things to do.
  • Printing Start Position: Press F2 and then power on. Press F1 and F2 same time.
Epson PLQ 20, PLQ 30 Control Panel Description and Basic things to do.
  • Paper Removal: Open cover, press F1 and power on.
  • PF Motor: 5 Pin available and 5th is the common pin, one common to other 4 pin resistance is 2.3 ohm+_ 10%.
  • CR Motor: Common pin 5 to test 1 and 2 pin, common pin 6 to test 3 & 4, resistance 1.9 Ohm+_ 10%.

So, that’s it for this article. You can read other printer related article like the below.

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