Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft Word has been the most popular word processing software since its inception to the market. With its every new version, based on the years, it has come with a new look and new features added to it making it rich in word processing and many more.

With the latest Microsoft Word version of 2019, we will see here the look and user interface of the new MS Word 2019.

The above video shows you the overall options and user interface available in this Microsoft word version.

We will see, in detail, what are the exciting features that you can use to create your document more eye catching to anyone.

You’ll get a lot ready-made Templates

When you know what type of document you want to create but lacks the time to design it from the scratch, you need not worry about that. Microsoft Word 2019 has already done it for you.

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

From the New option, you can choose from a lot of predefined and ready made Templates from different categories like Business, Cards, Flyers, Letters, Education, Resume and Cover Letter and Holidays, etc.

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

There are some offline templates available that you can use without the internet connection. But interesting thing is that, when you are connected to the internet, you can choose from a lot of such template from Microsoft and select your own desired template and start creating the document.

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

You’ll have a smooth writing experience

In the previous version of the Microsoft word, you might have experienced the cursor going like jumping from one letter to another as you type. But with the new Microsoft Word 2019, you’ll enjoy watching the cursor going so smoothly from one letter to another. Actually you’ll enjoy your typing.

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