How to setup Epson L3150 wifi settings

How to setup Epson L3150 wifi settings

Here in this tutorial, we will see the setup procedure of Epson L3150 printer wifi settings both for the printers having a screen as well as without screen.

Epson L3150 printer with Wifi functionality is an economical printer for your business and a smart solution for all your printing habits. It can be a cost-efficient product if used wisely. In this model of Epson printer, you will get wifi as well as wifi directly both will be very much beneficial for your wireless communication and printing through your printer.

The availability of a WPS push button (Wi-fi protected Setup) makes it easier for you to set up this wireless printer i.e. Epson L3150.

So let’s know how you can do that.

How to setup Epson L3150 Wifi settings

We have provided an infographic that is sufficient for the Epson L3150 setup. This infographic relates to setting up the printer for Wifi Direct.

Besides that, you can read our article to get full details of wifi setup for the printers having a screen as well as without a screen.

The setup process will be similar depending upon which type of printer you have own.

We’ll see the setup process of both the types.

Epson L3150 with an LCD screen

If you have the printer with a screen, then you can complete the setup process by following the procedure below:

1. First of all, you need to enter the Wifi setup option from your screen of the printer. You can do that by several methods. Below are some of the methods that you can use to enter this menu and it all depends on your version of the printer.

  • You can find the wifi setup directly from the home screen. If you find that select it to enter.
  • Use the Left or right arrow buttons of the printer to see the wifi setup mode and choose the OK button to enter the setup.
  • Similarly, use the Up or Down buttons to do the same if your printer is not showing the wifi setup menu while pressing the left or right button.
  • And finally, select the menu available on the right top corner of the LCD screen and then select the Wifi setup option.

2. Now is the time to select the Push button or WPS.

3. And the last thing you have to do is just press the WPS button on the router and it will search for the device to connect to. Go ahead to your printer and select Proceed or OK to continue. It will automatically get connected to the wireless network and will not ask for any password.

4. Finally, press OK when the setup process is complete.

Epson L3150 without an LCD screen

If your printer doesn’t contain any LCD screen, then the setup process will be a little bit different. Follow the procedure below.

  1. To begin the process, press and hold the wifi button on the printer for 3 seconds. You can also press and hold it until the wifi light starts to flash.
  2. Now press and turn on the WPS on your router and then it will look for devices to get connected to.
  3. The Wifi light on the printer will continue to flash after the wireless connection is successful.
  4. When the whole setup process is complete, both the light i.e. on the Printer and the router will be illuminated.

Another pro-tip, if you want to get the SSID and password of the Printer, then you can press and hold the info button next to the wifi button until a page is printed with all the required information printed on it.

Using these simple procedures, you can set up the Epson L3150 wifi settings and print wirelessly.

Hope this article is helpful. Enjoy printing……:-)

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