News Google to add Play/Pause Button to Chrome next to...

Google to add Play/Pause Button to Chrome next to the URL bar


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As seen in the Chrome Canary browser, it seems that Google will soon add a play button to its Chrome browser toolbar which will be very beneficial for those who love to play music on the browser while browsing and it will allow users to play and pause media playing in any tab.

The feature which is named as Global Media Controls is now available in Canary which is Chome’s development browser. As seen in Canary, after it comes to the chrome, the play button will be available at the side of the address bar. You can play or pause the music in the browser even if it is playing in some other tab.

Google to add Play/Pause Button to Chrome next to the URL bar

Though this feature has not come in the standard version of the Chrome, you still can check this feature if you have Canary Browser.

In the event that you have the Canary browser and need to test it out for yourself, you can go to its analyses page, chrome://flags/, and look for “Global Media Controls.

Google to add Play/Pause Button to Chrome next to the URL bar

When the outcome springs up, you would then be able to enable it. After restarting the browser, you’ll see a little play button by the URL field. When you’re playing a piece of music or video, this button will enable you to skip forward or back, pause, or play that. It is supporting websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Apple Podcast, and Spotify, etc., in spite of the fact that on the off chance that you have various tabs that are playing something (say, if a page begins autoplaying a video), it’ll just draw up the first.

It’s not clear when the button will be live for the primary Chrome browser yet, however it appears to be a valuable and very helpful feature. Google has presented a few accommodating highlights thusly before — a marker for what tab was playing something, the capacity to mute an individual tab, and most as of late, the capacity to mute a site forever. This feature is somehow the advancement of the previous feature where you can actually stop something you are listening to in the browser and can play something different easily and quickly.

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