How to use Handbrake Video Compressor- Step by Step Guide

Handbrake Video Compressor

In this article, we are going to see a step by step guide of the Handbrake video compressor that you can use to lower the size of huge video files without compromising the quality of the video.

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Whenever you are sending a HD video file to your friends or uploading it to Youtube, you always need to have the size of the video in low and the quality high.

In that case, you may need good video compressor software that you can use to reduce the size of the file without even losing the quality of the video; Handbrake does the exact for you.

Installing Handbrake Video Compressor

Installing Handbrake on your PC or Laptop is very easy.

After you have downloaded the installer of the Handbrake, double-click on it to start installation. Just follow the prompts and at last it will be installed on your PC or Laptop.

If you want to download the Installer File of Handbrake, you can do that by going to the official website and click the link given to directly download.

How to use Handbrake Video Compressor

It is a very simple yet effective video compressor you will ever have. After installation you will find the icon on the desktop. Just open it.

As you open it you will see the home screen something like this which has been shown in the picture below. On the left side, you can see the Source selection section from which you can upload or open the video you want to compress.

On the right-hand side, you can actually drop your video files or folders on here in order to open them in the Handbrake.

In the Source Selection section, there are two options for both folders and file opening as shown in the picture below.

We’ll open a single video file by clicking the second option and select the video. It will then start uploading to the software. After the opening, it will open with all the options available for compression like this.

There are actually many options that you can set to accurately compress or convert your video to your desired level. There are options contained in different tabs.


This tab contains information about the video that you have opened. The Options available are Format, Tracks, Filters, and size. You can actually see the overall properties of the video.

In the Format section, you can actually make your video web optimized i.e. make video suitable for smoothing playing on a browser on the internet.

Another option like iPod 5g support is also available. Try different options as per your requirement.


In this tab, you’ll have the options to resize the video, crop by giving it manual width and height as per the requirement.

You can actually compare the original video size and the output size by comparing the source and output display size.


It offers more editing features to the video. You can denoise the video to some extent. It gives options like Sharpen, Deblock and even rotate and flip.

If you want to make the video black and white you can do that by selecting the Grayscale checkbox.


This tab contains some video quality control options like video codec, framerate (FPS), and Avg Bitrate (kbps).

You can actually control the quality of the video by adjusting the slider in the Quality section.

These options are important as it directly affect the overall quality of the video.


The audio tab shows all the audio tracks available in the video. If you have another audio track for the video that you want to add, then you can do that by clicking the Add Track option.

You also have the option to delete the existing audio track.

You can set the Bitrates, audio codec and other audio options in order to control the audio quality.


Like Audio tab, subtitle tab offers to add new subtitles, delete existing subtitles and other options that you can use to enrich the experience in the video.


Using this tab you can actually see all the chapters contained in the video and you can also make chapters for a longer video, if you one.

In this compression process, subtitles and chapters tabs are of least importance. You should give priority to the video, audio and dimensions section as these are some of the options that give to the size of the video.

As you can see, Handbrake video compressor is more than just a video compressor. You can actually have different quality control options available in order to make your video desirable for you as well as for others.

This video compressor actually reduces the size of the video to a great extent without compromising the quality of the video.


There are many other softwares that provides the facility of compressing the size of the video offline i.e. on your PC or Laptop. They have their own pros and cons of use.

Some of the softwares are good at reducing the size but they are not able to retain the quality. They compromise on quality content over size. Some others, though maintaining the quality, are not able to reduce to the desired level of size compression.

Handbrake somehow does the needful for those you want their videos maintaining the quality as well as they are lower in size.

If you like the process then you can share it to your friends. If you have any suggestions over this topic, then you can mention them in the comment section below.

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