Some Basic Concepts of Networking

We will learn some of the Basic Networking Concepts and the terms used in networking.

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First and foremost……What is Networking??


The meaning of computer network is communication between two or more computers.

learn some basic networking concepts

It can be between to computers in our home or 100 computers in an organization.

We have used the internet many times and the internet is also a network. When we connect the computers in the network then the common data, common peripherals like printers, modem, scanner, common software programs, etc. resources can be shared.

In the networking data and different peripherals can be shared between two or more computers.

It is a basic channel through which two or more computers are connected through a cable.

Below are some of the points which let you understand some of the basic networking concepts.

  • Networking is the sharing of information and services.
  • Networking is connecting two or more computers internally.
  • When a network user wishes to share data or resources of his computer with other computers, then it is only possible through networking.
  • Networking is a medium or channel through which data is transferred from one computer to another.
  • Networking is a communication tool which is used to share computer resources like a floppy drive, hard disks, cd drives or printers, etc from one computer to the others.
  • Networking is a result of two or more computers connectivity and eligible to set up a network in its hardware architecture, operating system, and connectivity media.

Now let’s learn some of the terms related and the components used in networking….


The rule of data transfer and the process of encoding in the networking is called protocol. It is very essential to consider that protocol is derived and related to network peer to peer or client-server.

It is the rule which is necessary to create communication between different network devices is called protocol. all the computers in a network must have the same protocol for communication between them. The protocol is a rule to set a connection between the computers of a network, because of which network computers communicate with each other.

Network Services

Network servcies are the combined capability of both computer hardware and software like sharing in network computers. Network services will do services and in turn attain also, like they are classified into:

  • Service Provider:- Service provider computer hardware and software is the state which provides services to other computers in the network.
  • Service Requester:- Service requester computers hardware and software is the state which requests service to the other computers in the network.

There are three types of Service providers and requester in the computer industries.

  • Server:- This network will fulfill the request given by the requester and provide its services.
  • Client:- It will send a request to the providers present in the network and take services for them.
  • Peer:- According to requirements, sometimes it will act as a server. so, it works both for client and server.

More specifically, Network services are used to share different resources like a hard disk drive, floppy disk drive, cd drive, printer, etc with the help of network applications. Mostly this network application is known as NOS.

Different common network services used in the network are as follows……..

File Services

This service is used to store and retrieve files or to move files within the network.

network services learn basic networking concepts

Through network file services, files will move fast from one location to another.

Network files services will effectively use the storage device. It provides a back up service within the network.

Print Services

A print service is used to control and manage the printer access within the network.

Network print services will count the number of printers installed within the network.

Printers can be replaced anywhere in the network with the help of network print services.

Through network print services print jobs are present in a queue, because of which time spent or printouts for any of the systems in the network is very less.

Message services

services which are used to store access and deliver audio data, video data, graphic data, and text are known as message services.

Message services are almost like file services, but in the file services interaction is absent in direct computers and works in between computer, user application and network application.

For example email and voice mail.

Application services

Services in this network, which will provide software for network clients, are known as application services.

They will share data like file services and also allows sharing the processing power of the computer.

only application services can be powerful because processing can be shared.

Database Services

The services which provide a server-based database facility, in the network are called database services.

The database of client’s request information is known through the database server in the network. This service will provide data security. Location of data is centralized because of this network.

Some of the hardware which are basic parts of the networking are as follows………


The server is a special kind of device which manages the resources of the network. The server basically is a computer of high configuration with numerous hard disk spaces which is used to prepare files and its implications.

server in computer network

On the basis of its implications, it may be of two types-

  • File Server:-It gives the user a facility of data saving and computer access.
  • Implications Server:- It runs any particular program for the user and completes it.

The basic forms of a server are Disc server and File Server. Though the file server and client can request to see the files located in the server. For this kind of data service a network of high bandwidth is required or else the speed gets affected.

The facilities of sharing others resources with files are available to the user through usually LAN. In these facilities, devices like printers are connected in the network file server and access for all others.


Workstation is a computer which is connected to the network server resources via a network; which applies the resources at the network server for the required results.

workstation in computer network

This could be our PC consisting of a hard disk, operating system, in which necessary software could be installed and then be used independently.

There are no mandatory rules to be followed for workstation, apart from a specified OS such as Windows 95, 98, Linux, which could be used.

Network Interface Card

A network interface card is also known as NIC or Network Card. NIC is mainly a circuit board or chip which helps to set up the communication between two computers within the same network.

network interface card

Once this board is installed, resource, information or computer hardware could be shared on the network.

This applies in the entire Network like Local area network or a Wide Area Network. Often it looks like a modem but is distinguished on the basis of connectors and its make.

With the help of network card, one computer communicate with another computer called for one other thing, and it is a medium of communication. if we are not using wireless network then for taking the network in between one NIC to second NIC they will be connected with each other. For this work we will need a cable.


It is also known as British Nowel Connector which is co-axial cable RG-58A/U. Within this co-axial cable, there is a copper cable surrounded by a 50AUM anti electrical material. Thereafter it is also coated with conductor and finally, there is an insulator.


The bandwidth of 10B2 is 10MHTZ and is connected to a cable which can span upto 185 meters.

In this cable, the wiring is very thin (50 AUM) and generally prepared with a co-axial base band wiring.

10B2 is also known as thin Ethernet, thin net or chip net.


Within a network when all the cable go and connect to a device where that data is being stored and shared is known as a HUB.

There is a common connection point for devices in a network.

HUBs are commonly used to connect segments of a LAN. A hub contains multiple ports.

When a packet arrives at one point, it is copied to the other ports so that all segments of the LAN can see all packets.

In this way, the resource is shared by all the computers connected to the HUB.


In the network when the load increases, it is not possible for the hub to work along and therefore to ease the work of the hub, Switch is used.


A network switch is a small hardware device that joins multiple computers together within one LAN.

When we are connecting two or more network parts then we are using bridge. This connectivity device works as any type of repeater in which address can also be read from the data packet of its proper going place.

So, like the same it stops the unauthorized data packets to going in the network by read these data packets carefully.

Because of it, the speed of network affected some because of it takes some time for read all the packets. It is a good device for making data link but its price is some high.


It is such type of device which identifies that data coming from any network very clearly and give it permission to go to the user of different points or stops it. It is very essential to connect minimum two networks in it.

Routers read the essential feedback in the packets and send it from one lane to another network. If there are critical structures in many packets then all the routers communicate the information and search for the better way for a route. Along with it, they send new feedback to each other.

In addition to these components, one of the most important component of computer networking is the Transmission Media. We have an article on a transmission media. You can check that out.

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