Know How You Use Facebook-Explore Facebook Activity Log

You can see all your past activities of Facebook on the Facebook Activity Log. You can always explore facebook activity log.

I hope we all who are surfing the internet know what Facebook is. And why not, it is one of the best social media platforms where we can connect with our friends and relatives wherever and whenever we want.

From the starting of the day to the midnight we all are checking notifications on Facebook at an interval of one hour if not less.

we are liking someone’s photo or post, giving comments and reactions to them. We are also getting likes, reactions, and comments from our photos and posts.

Since its inception, it has helped many to get connected to many at a time irrespective of wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

But do you know whatever we are doing on Facebook is recorded in the history or Activity log of Facebook that we can see whenever we want?

We might have liked someone’s photo, given reaction on a post or commented on a photo or post, all are recorded in the Facebook activity log.

The information given at the time of signing up for a facebook account or information given at times of updating profile information is stored in the facebook database that we can see.

Here, in this article, we will explore what information facebook activity log contains in it to better understand our facebook use.

Exploring Facebook Activity Log

Before anything else, we need to log in to our facebook account and we can see the activity log of our own facebook account only.

As you log into the account, go to the settings option. As you know the settings option contains all the controlling features that you can manage. Here you can change your profile settings like Name, Username, contact and other basic options. You can also manage other important settings like Security and Login, Privacy, Notifications, and Your Facebook Information.

Here in this article, we will discuss Your Facebook Information.

As you click on settings option, a new page will open and in the left-hand side, select Your Facebook Information as shown in the picture.

This section of facebook contains all your information on Facebook and information whatever facebook knows about your interest over the time you have used Facebook. These two things may seem to be similar to a subtle difference.

Now, it’s time to enter our Facebook Activity log. Click on Access Your Information at the top of the available options in Your Facebook Information.

NOTE: As Facebook says, you can always view or download your information contained in the account and can delete your account at any time. But for now, we will only access our information and if you want to delete the account we will discuss it later.

Access your Information in Facebook Activity Log

This section contains a list of Facebook information that you can access at any time. It has been categorized by type so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

It contains two sections i.e. Your Information and Information About You.

Now let’s take some more interest and dig into the Your information section.

Your Information

It contains information that you have entered, uploaded and shared on Facebook, such as your profile information, posts, likes, reactions, and comments etc.


Whatever posts you have shared on Facebook is stored here. In the picture shown below, you can view all your shared posts in the Your Posts section.

There may be posts on which you have been tagged in. such type of posts can be seen in Posts you’re tagged in option.

You can also see the posts that other people have shared on your timeline in the past and also the posts that you have chosen not to show on your timeline.

If you have created or tagged into any notes, then you can also see them in this section.

Any polls that have been created by you can also be seen here.

Photos and Videos

All the photos and videos that you have uploaded and shared, or you have been tagged in the past or recently, or photos synchronized from your device that you have chosen to sync with your Facebook account will be here and you can access them any time in a timeline format.

You may find options like your photos, photos, and videos you’re tagged in, your videos, and photos synced from your device.


All the comments that you have posted on your own posts, on other people’s post or in groups that you belong to will be stored here in a timeline format that you can see at any time.

Likes and Reactions

Like and Reactions are common in facebook. We forgot what we liked just two minutes ago on facebook because we have likes so many posts since then. Is that true?

Hence, if you want to see which photos or posts you have liked or reacted to, you can see them here in this section.

The options available area Posts and comments, and pages.

In the first options we can see the posts and comments we have liked and reacted to and in the second option, we can see the pages we have liked or reacted to.


Friends are the main essence of Facebook life. We make friends starting from a known person and to other unknown people whom we may know through mutual friendships.

In this section, we can see our friend list, sent friend requests, received friend requests and removed friends i.e. those people who we are no longer connected to on Facebook.

Following and followers

We can see the contents and posts from people, organizations or business whom we follow. And in this section, we can see our following and followers.

People who follow you have chosen to see your posts or contents.


When you click on messages, you will be redirected to the Messenger of facebook, and you can check and chat with all your Facebook contacts.


There are many facebook groups. Some that you have created and some are that you are a member. In this section, you can see all those groups that you have created, all those groups that you are a member of, and posts and comments in groups.

You can see the dates of your joining to those groups that you belong and can see posts and comments you have made in those groups.


We create events on Facebook to invite friends. We sometimes join and are interested in other created events.

In this section, we have all the created events on our own, our responses to events attending, maybe, interested and not going to the events, and events invitations that we have received.

Profile Information

Here we can see our own profile details i.e. contact details including addresses that we have provided, phone numbers and email address that we have added to our profile.

Besides that, we may find here the name, date of birth, work and education information and places we have lived that we have added to our profile in the past or recently.

Various life events like significant actions or events that we have added to our profile can be seen here. Music added to the profile can also be found here.

Besides that, the date of the account creation on Facebook is also registered here.


All the pages that you are an admin of can be found here. You can directly go to any page from here.


Items that you have sold and bought from the marketplace can be found here.

Payment history

If you have made any payment through facebook, then you can see all those transactions from here in this section.

Apps and Websites

Many websites offer login through facebook or signing up through facebook account. this is a way where we can create an account to any website that allows the facility to create an account through facebook information.

As facebook contains all our information, there won’t be any difficulty in using that information in creating an account to any website.

So there may be many websites and apps where you have chosen the option to create an account or log in to the account using Facebook information that you can see here in this section.

Your places

You must have created places that you claim to have visited there. All those places can be visible with their locations, the time and date of their creation here in this section.

Saved items and collections

If you found a video or a photo interesting, you save it. All the saved items can be found here.

Your saved items may be photos, posts or videos.

Other activity

In this section, you can see the pokes you have given to friends and received from friends. Here you can also see the participation history of polls and games.

Information About you

Here you can find the information associated with your Facebook accounts, such as your logins to Facebook and what devices you use, your locations, security and login information, search history, your ads interests based on your Facebook activity and other actions that help facebook to show you relevant ads etc.

You may have given Facebook a face recognition that allows you to use if you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos.

We watch videos on Facebook every day, and all those videos are stored in timeline format in the section Videos you’ve watched.

We search for new friends by typing their names and any associated word or phrase. Those words or phrase are saved in the Search history of the Facebook activity log.

All calls and message logs are stored here.

The most important is the security and login information, where we can find information like where you’re logged in, logins and logouts, authorized logins.


This century is the age of information. Powerful is the one who has the information of all kind that he can use according to his need.

We use Facebook every day and all those activities are stored in the facebook activity log. If we explore facebook activity log regularly and use Facebook wisely, we can use it safely.

So, if you like this post, feel free to give your view in the comment section.

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