Creator Account feature is coming in instagram

Instagram is now testing some of the special features for its high profile accounts such as influencers and celebrities as a form of Creator Account giving them more control over their accounts.
This feature will add some new in-depth analytics and filtering direct message features.
Instagram has now become a reliable platform to connect with the followers and grow your business and personal brand. But the tools that are available on Instagram right now is somehow difficult to grow your business as it doesn’t give in-depth analytics of the followers’ activity i.e. their engagement over time. And keeping in mind this problem, Instagram is testing to add features like creator account.
The other feature is like message filtering will allow the high profile accounts of Instagram to filter the important message from the fan mail and the spam that is cluttering the inbox of the account as their brand and business is running on the platform Instagram and not filtering the important message will deter their business and their by brand name. Using this feature, the high profile accounts can limit the followers to have the ability to contact them.
Creator account will also give the ability to access the data regarding the number of people following or unfollowing the account.

According to a Hollywood reporter the new feature is being tested with a group of accounts, but high profile accounts can expect it to roll out in their accounts over the next year. The idea of creating creator account for the Instagram is to give the high profile accounts more control over the app experience as in the case of verified Twitter accounts. According to Ashley Yuki, “The idea is to create this space where we can now start to specialize the experience for the needs of creators while working on more tools to help creators on the app”. Ashley Yuki is a product manager of Instagram.

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