Facebook launches Portal Video Chat Devices

Facebook launches Portal Video Chat Devices

Facebook launches Portal Video Chat Devices
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Last month Facebook announced to release its home chat devices or portal video chat devices i.e. the Portal and Portal Plus and now they are going on sale today i.e. on 5th November. Facebook portal video chat devices are devices that can allow people to chat with each other over video.

These products from Facebook exclusively focus on video chatting. Though they display photos, play music and supports a small number of video networks, the feature of the product are very limited at the time of launch i.e. one cannot even open and browse facebook’s main page on the devices.
The devices are so designed that you can just leave them on a stable surface and roam around the room while the camera fixed on it can track you wherever you go. You are not bound to hold the device in front of your face. The devices are meant to chat on Facebook messenger over video.
New products will come and go over the time but the question is whether people will use it at a stake of their privacy. Though there is an off button that can deactivate the camera of the Facebook portal video chat devices but recent scandals of privacy from the company can also be a cause to think about the use of the devices.
Both the devices i.e. Portal and Portal Plus will be available from the website of Facebook, as well as through Best Buy and Amazon website on their stores. The price of Portal is $199 and the price of Portal Plus is $349. At the time of launch if you buy both the portal at once you will get a discount of $100 and this makes sense because you need another portal device to chat with.

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