Best Methods to Save Website Offline 2019

save website offline

Save Website Offline using the following described methods 

There are millions of websites on the internet when you found some websites that contain really valuable content that you may want to use or read later, then you search for the way to Save Website offline and use it later.

But you may be thinking that creating a bookmark of that page and using it later whenever needed. But that method doesn’t always work.

Going through the method of the bookmark is a way that you can use when you have a data connection of wifi availability but when you save the website offline, you have the whole screenshot of that page, whichever you want, in your pocket any time and anywhere.

So saving a website offline or browsing offline will be very much helpful if you want to read a bulk of fact-based information whenever you need it.

So let’s discuss some of the ways that you can use to save the website offline in simple steps, using your browsers like chrome, firefox, etc.

How to Save Website Offline


Most of the browsers that we use offer an option Save As which we can use to save any webpage including its assets files like Images, java scripts, CSS scripts, HTML file or whatever the webpage contains.

We can Save webpage in various methods and we will have those options while saving it.

Firefox and other browsers like internet explorer offer the following options to save website offline:

  • Webpage, complete (*.htm, *.html)
  • Webpage, HTML only (*.htm, *.html)
  • Text Files (*.txt, *.text)

While saving on Webpage, complete(*.htm, *.html) option, the webpage is saved containing all its assets files in different folders.

You can have access to the images or any other file contained in that webpage.

You can also learn the process or content of that website in every detail.

But the demerit of saving in this method is that when you accidentally lose any file containing in those folders of the webpage, it will affect the preview of the webpage in offline mode. 

Some of the elements of the webpage may not be able to visible when you open it offline. Besides that, everything is good if you save using this option.

But when you save on webpage, HTML only (*.htm, *.html) format, the whole webpage is compressed to a single .html file and it is a little bit portable.

You will only have that single file and not other folders containing the assets file of the webpage.

If you save the webpage in Text Files (*.txt, *.text), then the content of the webpage is saved in a single text file that you can open it in notepad to read it whenever you want. But it is a rarely used method to adopt.

To save website offline is different options using Save As, I have used the Firefox browser. You can use any browser which offers this option. The process is the same.

  • Go to the File Menu>click on Save Page As

A new Save As dialog box will open which will allow you to choose locations and type to save your page.

  • Choose your desired option of saving and click on OK.


Saving a webpage in pdf format gives you the ability of portable. As pdf files are great for its portable nature, i.e. you can take it to any computer and open it with any pdf opening software without losing any content.

Hence saving a webpage in pdf format will be of great help for anyone.

To save as PDF, we will use the Print option of chrome. Chrome browser allows saving a webpage in PDF format in its print option. Follow the process.

  • Open any webpage that you want to save as PDF in chrome.
  • Press Ctrl+P in your keyboard or go to the menu and then choose the Print option. In doing this you will see the following as shown in the image.
  • If you cannot see Save As PDF in the Destination section on the left side of the print preview as shown below, then click on the Change button to do so.
  • In doing so you will have a new dialog box, where you can choose Save As PDF in Print Destinations sections. And after that whenever you choose the Print option and printer is not connected to your computer, you can always have the Save As PDF option available for you.

NOTE: You can also save the webpage to Google Drive by changing the option in Print Destinations.

  • And when you are ready to save the webpage, click on the Save button.


There are some of the web applications which allow saving the webpage and read it later. Some of those are listed below.


The pocket is a website that is available in other forms such as Extension, app, etc.

It is very much helpful in saving your desired website or webpage in just a few clicks and enable you to read it anytime offline.

You can save articles, videos, and stories from any publication, app or webpage.

You can access that content even in offline mode, watch the saved videos without distraction on any device.


It is an open-source and self-hostable application that you can use for saving web pages.

Wallabag extracts the content of the article contained in the webpage and displays it in a comfortable view for reading. It is also responsive to any device.

You can download and install the Wallabag app in Android, iOS or in windows phone.

It also allows transferring the contents saved in it to other services like Pocket, Instapaper, etc.

Wallabag allows you to save websites offline in several formats like PDF, ePUB, .mobi, CSV, JSON, text or HTML.


It is a simple tool to save the website offline and read it later. You can save the webpage by directly going to

It is also available in the Android app format.

There are many other services like above which you can use to save websites offline.

Some examples are, Diigo, Joplin, Pinboard, Google Bookmarks, Evernote Web Clipper, TagPacker, etc.


There are some websites that allow you to copy the content of the website including the assets files like images, CSS files, js file, and other files.

Using these websites you can have the full template of the webpage and you can use that later also besides your purpose of reading it offline.

Some of these websites are


If you don’t want to use any of the above-mentioned ways to save the website offline and read it later. Then you can simply do the following.

Select the content of the webpage, copy it and paste it in any word processor like MS word and save it to read later.

You can save the file in any format you want to be in .docx or PDF.


Whatever method we use to Save Website Offline, our goal is to save a webpage for now and read it later even when we don’t have an internet connection.

The saving method should be simple and reading quality should be good.

There are various methods mentioned above, use the method which you found useful.