Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

A newly emerging Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio has come to the market which is powered with Docker and some other features like self-healing, autoscaling and platform-as-a service, and we’ll be discussing all these exciting topics in this article.

Convesio claims to provide a fast, reliable cloud and managed WordPress hosting infrastructure which can be used to autoscale your WordPress site.

Are you still curious what Convesio is?

best managed wordpress hosting convesio

The following example may clear your doubt.

As your company begins to take off and the five customer websites with whom you work are suddenly 50 or more, you will find that the little tasks you could manage once cost your time and money comfortably. These are responsibilities that you should not handle, from the management of uneven server performance to the call of weekends when the website of a customer is down.

Convesio, in this case, may act as a game changer in the process of Managed WordPress hosting and auto-scaling your WordPress sites easily.

Convesio – Is it a Game Change for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Convesio is the first self-healing, automated, platform as a service to create and administer WordPress sites. Convesio is a new WordPress management solution that is pow Docker.

You may be curious about what the Docker is? Well, A Docker host is a physical computer system or virtual machine running Linux. This can be your laptop, server or virtual machine in your data center, or computing resource provided by a cloud provider. The component on the host that does the work of building and running containers is the Docker Daemon.

Behind Convesio – The Team

Tom Fanelli, an experienced marketing and product developer with several small startups and Fortune five hundred corporations, launched Convesio in 2018. Tom’s current fortunacy was sufficient for organisations like Microsoft, Intuit and Sage Software to provide his wife and four children in the bay region of San Francisco. Briefly, Tom brings a lot of WordPress experience.

But Why Convesio?

Promoted as “The first self-healing, auto-scaling, platform as a service to build and run WordPress websites,” Convesio wants to do things differently from other managed WordPress hosting businesses.

WordPress managed businesses typically don’t have 100% of the way customer’s websites are hosted. Certainly you will discuss the extent to which your network provides content and state that your network has DDoS protection. But the hosting of the WordPress websites does not usually come up.

It is true that the most managed WordPress hosting businesses use shared hosting plans and more advanced clients on virtual private servers to position their clients on level entry (VPS). Most clients do not know, since they can only see the customer dashboard and nothing more.

The cheapest kind of website hosting is shared hosting. These kinds of settings are usually distributed to new website owners who do not have much money to invest.

The server supports hundreds or perhaps thousands of websites in a shared hosting environment. The same amount of RAM, CPUs and other resources are available on all websites. This might lead to a lot of issues.

If, for example, a traffic spike, is being hacked or assaulted on any of the hundreds or thousands of websites in the server, then the server is down. This happens more than the hosting company will acknowledge about it. This happens.

best managed wordpress hosting convesio

Better are Virtual Private Servers. In a VPS hosting system, the server is broken down into many partitions and a pre-defined quantity of resources is assigned to each customer. Your website risks being unavailable in a VPS set-up are much lower, as any difficulties that consumers usually encounter in their own partition.

Hardware failure is the biggest risk in a VPS setup. 

All VPS hosting plans are placed on a single server, therefore if the server goes down, all the customers’ websites hosted in the same server will go down.

That is why Convesio has opted to eliminate the single failure point and establish its hosts with Docker containers.

Failure to server is a major concern. A hardware problem might cause all your customers to go offline if all your clients are on the same server. 

This will cause unhappy consumers to complain and ask you to address the problem. 

In a scenario like this, you may have to repay the client. You could lose the client in a worse circumstance. Convesio utilises containers to address this problem.

Both containers and virtual private servers utilise virtualization software to set it all up and ensure that all WordPress web pages are separated from other web pages.

The advantage of utilising a container over a VPS is that Convesio can quickly produce new containers with an updated website.

Containers can be spread over several servers (i.e. multiple computers). This helps not only to balance traffic, but also to prevent any failure.

Every single Convesio WordPress website includes at least nine containers, which can be upgraded or lowered immediately in response to traffic levels at all times.

  • 1+ WordPress PHP Runtime Containers
  • 3 Nodes of File Replication
  • 3 Load Balancer Containers
  • 5 Percona Database Containers

The Managed WordPress hosting remains a relatively new phänomenon in the website hosting business, but over the last five years it has acquired enormous market share by taking over many of WordPress website owners’ technical and monotonous administrative chores.

I realise, then, that one of the primary reasons why many WordPress users switch to a managed hosting platform is that people can deal with the technology to get their site focused.

Nonetheless, I believe that all WordPress users have responsibility for achieving a basic understanding of the infrastructure used by hosting providers in order to recognise the strengths and limitations of the platform on which they operate.

Features Available in Convesio

Convesio was intended to save you time with the great majority of its features.

The main features that Convesio claims to provide to its customer are as follows,

  • Provisioning a New Site
  • Add a primary Domain and SSL
  • Site Back up Options
  • DB, PHP, FTP and many More
  • Caching without any Plugin
  • DB Access with phpMyAdmin

So let’s take one by one.

best managed wordpress hosting convesio

In less than a minute, new websites may be set up. You don’t have to bother about load balancers and clusters of containers. In the background, all the technological work is done.

The backups may be done every 180 days every day and a Let’s Encrypt powered SSL certificates can be enabled by pressing a button.

Convesio also has a caching mechanism integrated in their facilities, thus a WordPress caching plugin is not needed. 

As I you know caching your pages will provide visitors with static pages and ensure that loading times for pages are far faster than dynamic pages, which all have to download each time the page is loaded.

Currently, however, Convesio has no WordPress multi-site functionality. I hope they will include that in the future.

Every 60 seconds, up-time monitoring checks your website and alerts you whether it is unavailable.

To support this, Convesio has a guarantee of 100% site delivery. 

If the surveillance of uptime shows that your website is unavailable, they can address the issue sooner rather than later.

This warranty deals with a range of typical problems.

  • Domain name and DNS issues
  • Hacking and malware
  • Code errors
  • DDoS attacks
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Website seciruty and SSL issues
  • Cloudflare configurations

Convesio’s containers are hosted on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, but also intend to collaborate with providers like Digital Ocean in the future.

They have concentrations in North America, the UK, and Australia. In 2020, further places will be added.

See the Convesio FAQ page for additional information. FAQs

Let’s test Beta Version of Convesio

Tom has produced a video lesson which illustrates how your website may be put up on its site.

It displays Convesio’s hosting control panel. 

The bespoke implementations provided by PHP, Percona and GlusterFS are used rather of cPanel.

When entering the main interface first, you have to construct your first website.

best managed wordpress hosting convesio

You may pick the version, version and location of PHP for the new instance of WordPress (USA, UK or Australia).

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

Then Convesio creates a new WordPress instance for you.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

You will exhibit your new website using your principal control panel (and any other ones you create).

You may find the version of PHP and WordPress used, the DB type and the activation of backups and an SSL certificate here.

You may view links on the right side of the page to the dashboard of your website, log in to the Admin Area in WordPress and view your website.

Currently, your instance of WordPress seems not to have been renamed.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

Once you add more WordPress installations, the primary interface is a little busier.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

A tonne of information appears on the primary overview page. The length of your website, average requests, page page speed score, error codes and more may be seen.

You may also see if caching, backups and an SSL certificate are available at first sight.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

Obviously, I don’t see much data because I just have a private site, but once your website is alive you will find many essential facts and information on the summary page.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

In the domain tab you may assign a name of your domain to your WordPress instance. You simply have to copy and paste the IP addresses supplied into your domain provider and change the domain name server (DNS).

You may modify SSL and basic security settings in the security section.

For your website firewall, access rules may also be defined.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

Malware can also be scanned. 

You will receive a report after scanning, which reveals if any files are affected. 

Warnings will also be shown.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

When I initially opened a backup page, backups were disabled, so I had to set them up.

I appreciate Convesio’s management of backups since they allow you to set various backup plans. 

For instance, a daily backup, quarterly backup and monthly backup might be provided. You may also choose the duration of backups.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

You may categorise backups and view information such as the total number of articles, comment numbers, file number, WordPress version, and more when you check your website snapshot. Backups

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

You may change your SFTP (file upload), your PHP settings (PHP.INI) and cache configurations in the settings area. 

You can set rules to exclude the files and directories from caching once the cache is activated. The cache can be removed as well.

The database settings section may access PHPMyAdmin.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

I haven’t yet utilised Convesio to host one of my websites, but the customer control panel was pleased.

The diagrams on the overview page are really informative and easy to explore.

Naturally, in a cPanel hosting arrangement, you won’t see the same number of possibilities, but Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting provider. 

You can thus manage much of the technical side of things and you may contact the support team directly if there is no certain function or option.

What are the Pricing Details of Convesio

Convesio’s pricing approach is highly competitive.

Interestingly, you may register for free and utilise a container to test, develop and build a website. 

Obviously this plan is not intended for a live web site, but it has generously assigned the 512MB container, one virtual CPU, one PHP worker, 5GB of stock and backups.

Their monthly entry level of $15 is comparable but is intended to manage up to 10,000 visitors each month.

It is equally load-balanced and offers 4 PHP workers.

best managed wordpress hosting convesio

Their $25 monthly package is intended for traffic-informed websites receiving over 25,000 visits per month. 

It adds 1GB of memory, two virtual CPUs, eight PHP and 10GB storage resources.

For more complex websites such as online stores, which need more resources, the $50 monthly plan was established. 

It adds 2GB of storage, four virtual CPUs and 16 PHP workers.

For individuals wishing to determine the cost of hosting many containers, Convesio provides a price calculator. 

This is important if you have more than one website and want to see how much all websites are going to cost to Convesio.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2021 – A Game Changer

Convesio – Final Words

Take a second to reflect on the major features of a managed hosting service, such day-to-day website backings, site setup, and improved safety. 

All these features are there so that your website is less likely to go down and the firm can rapidly bring it back online.

With their embrace of containers, Convesio takes this view one step further. The odds for your website to go offline due to a hardware problem are exceedingly minimal with no single fault.

I have no doubt that in the future, more hosting providers will use this technology so that the danger of off-line client websites is reduced.

Note that Convesio is a WordPress managed hosting business. This means that you get services such as everyday website backups, uptime monitoring and premium support for WordPress. 

In 2021, website setup and other essential features of WordPress management come.

To understand more about their services, I invite you to visit Convesio. You also have some fantastic films on their YouTube channel that clarify topics too.

If you find this article about best managed wordpress hosting Convesio, then please like and share this article. 

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