10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

Here is a list of 10 Best eBook reader Android for you.

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Book reading is one of the good habits that anyone can adapt to. Nowadays, it has been more convenient for people to read books on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets and as well as on specially made ebook reader devices. Ebooks are the digital version of any book or text that we can read on a smart device. It can be in various formats like PDF, ePUB, etc.

There is various app available on the android store that supports reading ebooks on your android phone or tablet.

In this article, we are going to list some of the best ebook readers for Android that you use to use to read your books.

You can download those books from the internet for free as well by buying. There are thousands and more ebooks which are free of cost and you can download them directly to your phone and read them using the following ebook reader.

1. Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle ebook reader

Kindle, which is offered by Amazon, is an ebook reader available for both android and iOS for their respective stores. This app uses the technology of Amazon which has the power to automatically sync your reading with all your devices.

This is one of the best ebook readers that you can find which also remembers your previous reading and resume your reading from there.

Even if you don’t have a Kindle device, still you can use the full features of the Kindle android app on your phone. It supports popular ebooks formats like PDF and ePub.

2. eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

This is one of the multi-feature ebook reader available for android devices and you can use it for your ebook reading. It has an extensive virtual bookshelf and a quick search option to search for your available books.

It has another feature of progress bar which lets you know the progress of your reading through its progress bar. It has an online book store has thousands of ebooks in more than 25 languages. The user experience of this app is very smooth with a very natural interaction in its material design. You can have all the basic adjustment features like font size, font face, day/night mode, various theme settings while reading.

You can store your ebooks on it own cloud storage service. It supports Google translate and color dict (dictionary app) with offline support to enhance your reading experience with this app.

3. Aldiko Book Reader

10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

Another great ebook reader available for android phone which supports pdf and epub formats of the ebook is Aldiko Book reader which has a feature of a virtual shelf where you can store your books and read them without any hassle.

Though it does not remember and save your reading progress, yet you can add your books to its virtual shelf and continue your reading.

This ebook reader has many features and tools that make your reading experience with this app very much smooth. You can adjust the text size, the margin on the book on the screen, page orientation, and brightness, etc while reading on it. Along with that, you can change the screen to the dark mode to give less stress to your eyes and read more.

4. Moon+ Reader

10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

Like eReader Prestigio, Moon+ reader also has the feature of a progress bar that lets you know how much you have read and how much you have left to read. This also applies to the current chapter you are reading and not only to the whole book. This app also has a pro version yet you can use the free version to take the full advantage of the available features.

It supports all the ebooks formats and you can use it on your phone to read the ebooks.

5. FBReader

10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

This is another beautiful and most powerful ebook reader available for all type of platforms like android, ios, blackberry, etc. It has inbuilt features of all adjustment tools like font size, font face, brightness level, etc. It supports dictionary apps within itself so that you can translate the difficult word while reading without exiting the app and this makes your reading experience great.

You can download this app to your android phone from the google play store and enjoy reading books.

6. ReadEra: Book Reader

10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

It is another best ebook reader available for android device which has an exciting option other than just reading the books. You can have options like Reading Now, Favorites, To Read, Have Read and other options in its Main Menu.

Using these options in Main Menu, you can organize your ebooks in various folders make your reading habits more organized. All the downloaded ebooks will be stored in the Download folder.

Along with that, it has all other adjustment features like page flipping, font face, day mode, font thickness, font face, alignment, page margin, etc. to make your reading experience enhanced.

 7. Kobo Books

Kobo offers millions of title to choose from for reading books with this app. Along with the text version, you can listen to the audio in Kobo. It offers you the features of sorting your ebooks by authors or series.

Along with the above features, it offers all other basic features like making notes while reading, making highlights of texts, or looking up words in your book with the built-in support of dictionary app with Kobo.

8. eBook Reader from eBooks.com

10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

This is the official ebook reader app for android from ebooks.com which has a simple interface for the app yet very effective and smooth while reading. You can have all the adjustment features in this app.

You will have the option of sharing the book you are currently reading through this app. It has also a bookshelf that lets you know the available books you have.

9. Wattpad

10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

Wattpad is a basic eBook reader with an amicable UI. Getting an eBook is simple with this application: you can either discover the book by means of the application’s inward program or key in the book code.

Wattpad enables you to change the foundation and content shading to your inclination. You can likewise alter the text dimension so it is agreeable while you perused.

In the event that you are low on space, you can download the books in parts. Wattpad is a straightforward eBook peruser application that is satisfactory for light readers.

10. Bookari Free Ebook Reader

10 Best eBook Reader for Android you can use in 2019

This Bookari Free Ebook Reader has an extraordinary look and feel. The UI is light and simple to utilize. A progression of menus shows up on the left and your eBooks are displayed on the right. Finding a book on this application is never troublesome with its basic interface.

A little status bar at the base right enables you to deal with your books. Another one of a kind component of the application is the capacity to synchronize your present perusing to the Mantano Cloud. The application enables you to sort the book by classes that you have made. Bringing documents into this application is additionally genuinely basic with its a single tick import include.

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